30 quotes about life experiences making who you are.

30 Quotes about life experiences making you who you are – Middemb.

Life experiences, a process by which we gain knowledge and gaining experience while living. Life gets more exciting when we gain this experiences. what we  learn and experience can often determine our successes and failure in life. Today you are going to see top of 30 quotes about life experiences  making you who you are. Hope you will love it.

1.“Humour is one of the cognitive strengths connecting our basic Temperment and our lifetime experience.”

  – Mary kay morrison.

2.“But almost all graduates experience both a sense of excitement and perhaps alittle nervousness about “what comes next.”

   – Michael Farris.

3.“I guess the more i have done, the less fearful i have become, because experince has taught me that the worst case is rarely likely to occur.”

    – Tony clark.

4.“We choose our joys and sorrows long before we experience them.”

    – Kahlil gibran.

5.“I believe that every minute of our life experiences prepares us for the next, although we’re usually not able to recognize how the current experience fits into the larger picture.”

     – Barbara bernard.

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6.“Don’t worry about your past failures; just chalk them up to learning experiences and move on.You see, we cannot live in the past; however, we must learn from the past.”

      – David Denotaris.

7.“Throughout my life i have always felt – and experienced – that there is no problem between people who love each other cannot be resolved by talking about it.The power of conversation is enourmous.”

       – Neale donald walsch.

8.“I love working with businesses that have happy employees, it just makes good experience that much better.”

        – David miller.

9.“There’s never a day goes by that i don’t think about God.More than thinking, i experince the presence  of God in most of my waking  moments.

         – Dr.wayne W. Dyer.

10.“Imagination is not the same as intelligence or experience.”

          – Brian reich.

11.“Good judgment is the result of experince and experienc the result of bad judgement.”

           – Mark Twain.

12.“simple changes to your perspective and thought processes can have huge effects on your stress level and experience of life.”

      – Nathalie thompson.

13.“Experience has been a stern but excellent teacher.”

       – Og Mandino.

14.“We realized that laughter is not about amusement and entertainment giggling or chuckling; instead it has a great deal to do with our inner self – has to come from the soul,and one can experience this laughter from the soul only when the heart is pure,full of love, kindness and compassion.”

        – Dr.Madan kataria.

15.“ Fear is a universal experience.Even the smallest insect feels it.”

        – Pema chodron.

16.“Our thought life plays a tremendous role in our faith.In fact if is central to whether or not we will experience victory on a daily basis in christ and enjoy the fuller blessings of God in our Life.”

         – Lisa cook.

17.“Success is simply beeing on your path.Only through experience can we expand beyond our limited bee perspective and start to see the larger picture of things.”

        – John Penberthy.

18.“You are the controller of your mind and you can work to train your mind  to keep a focus on the fun, happy and positive thouhts and feelings that you experience each day.”

        – Minka Ferguson.

19.“When you fail at completing a project or experience any other type of of failure, you should consider it a learning experience.you can learn and then move forward.”

        – Morris pratt.

20.“Our experience is that misinformation is one of the biggest obstacles that people face in their retirement planning.”

         – Fred Vettesse.

21.“Failure is in a sense the highway succes in as much as evry discover of what is false leads us to seek earnestky after what is true, and even fresh experience points out some form of error which we shall afterward carefully avoid.”

       – Destiny madu.

22.“Everything we experience emotionally – our entire personal world – comes from our thoughts.”

       – Tim Grimes.

23.“When we put a balance to work in each are of our lives, we truly experience greater balance, reward.”

        – Jeff kooz.

24.“Ensure you give yourself sufficient time to achive the goal and encouragement as you progress.So a not to become overwhelmed by the new experiences,start our small and then build your expectatons of yourself as time goes on.”

         – Luke Gregory.

25.“A christmas without debt might be more magical than any other you’ve experienced and will certainly bring a happier new year.”

          – Cherie lowe.

26.“Memory indeed increases learning.The new experience in a person’s life such as learning.The new experiences in a person’s life such as learning new language or learning a new language or learning a new skill are associated with having a good and focused memory.”

       – Frank knoll.

27.“High self-esteem doesn’t mean you wont experience sadness or regret failure, but it will help you maintain an overall sense of self worth.”

   – Jewel Mcquin.

28.“The amazing thing about the school of experience is this: One,If you fail the test, it’s ok.You get to take it over – and over and over until you pass it.Second, just about the time you think you’ve graduated, they add another course.You will be in that school the rest of your life.”

   – Rick warren.

29.“To assume that you will never experience failure: don’t take a risk, don’t attempt anything new, don’t expand on your ideas, don’t set goals.”

    – Catherine pulsifer.

30.“Though related, compassion need not be mistaken for empathy.Compassion is about loving kindness for other people’s suffering, while “empathy refers to the ability to related to another person’s pain vicariously, as if one has experienced that pain themseleves.”

     – Laura jack.

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