Mejja new song “Punguza Ego” is out.

Mejja also known as “Okonkwo” has released another one of his new songs this year of 2023 called “Ego”. “Ego” is a song that talks about having to lose love and failed in relationships due to Ego.

“Punguza Ego”

The song has been produced well by mavo on the beat making this song to out as an upcoming banger. Mejja is an artist who knows very well to be a story teller. And this song is a true show of that where by if you listen to the song closely you will really enjoy the song.

In the start of the video is a good skit of having to show the argument of Mejja and this girl due to a taken picture by a fan, which the girl accuses Mejja of having to maybe touch her in a way that made her feel jealous.

Mejja having not to apologize due to the picture, makes the situation escalate quickly making the girl to pack up her things and leave Mejja’s house, while Mejja trys to cool her down he just let her go anyway.

The dance crew in the song did very well in the music video, which the song might stir up a dance challenge on social media for to promote the idea of expressing good vibes.

“Punguza ego” is a song that really encourages on the importance of humility. In the official video in the end will give you a good entertaining skit of showing how this fat “Rich man” having that he couldn’t repay his bill had to do labor work with the hotels janitor stuff.

To at least enjoy this new banger coming from Mejja Genge himself you can listen to the song on YouTube below.

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