Mike sonko – top 10 quotes.


Mike sonko – Top ten quotes.

Check out top 10 of mike mbuvi sonko, Governor of nairobi county, Kenya.

1.“As we continue with efforts to combat covid-19 let’s not forget vulnerable memebers of our society.”- Mike sonko.

2.“If youre fighting a battle right now, and you don’t know if youre strong enough to get through it, have courage.Your character qnd faith are being tested.”- Mike sonko.

3.“Bad circunstances are never fun to go through.It’s na fact nobody enjoys going through a storm.”- Mike sonko.

4.“Whatever you’re going through, means you’ll come out out as a changed person.Our most painful storms and our most shameful mistakes can turn into our greatest victories.”- Mike sonko.

5.“Sometimes the people you love most, turn out to be the people you can trust the least.”- Mike sonko.

6.“Life has taught me that you can’t control someone’s loyalty.No matter how good you are to them,doesn’t mean they’ll treat you the same.”- Mike sonko.

7.“When you know you can be a blessing, you have the resources to help that person in need, you can teach them the skills that you’ve learned, don’t put it off.”- Mike sonko.

8.“Freedom of expresssion is a fundamental right that should be enjoyed by every citizen.Police brutality and impunity should stop.”- Mike sonko.

9.“Seems some media houses are becoming so desperate and gutter press day by day.”- Mike sonko.

10.“Nairobi will never be the same again from today.I shall work round the clock to guarantee efficient and timely services for all our residents.”- Mike sonko.

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