Otile brown new songs. “One call” been first

Otile brown is that one talented Kenyan artist who is well pretty known by his music which he majors in R&B genre and having to show his talent to the masses by been a song writer, Brand ambassador and actor.

As he continues to stay in the game for a while, Otile brown of having to release some of his songs recently had proven that he will be consistent. As 2023 is the year will expect much more from the super star artist below are some of his new releases.

1. Otile brown featuring Ruby.

Otile brown having to feature the underrated artist Ruby in this song gave me good hope that Ruby will have good confidence in continuing her music career. “One call” which was purely done and written by Otile brown is a beautiful song that can definitely touch some body’s heart.

Since it is a love song that really encourages a loved of having to be there for another. Even though not physically a simple phone call can make you feel better. Been that this is the first song that is been released this year, surely it is a song that really encourages love.

To strengthen the love, let “one call” by Otile brown and Ruby accompany you for the day. Enjoy.

2. Malipo

Number 2 on the list is “Malipo” which if you translate well in English is “Payment” which well written and composed by Otile brown. The song talks about well about been cheated by your loved one which makes someone feel bad to the point you can hate the person who cheated on you.

In his songs he put it well saying that the payment is here in this world “Malipo ni hapa Duniani” which he puts its well for the one who cheats on you or abuse you they’ll get their own payback in this world.

The song is for the heartbroken which can make you to relate. If you have had any similar situations like this then the truth is “Malipo ni hapa Duniani.” A new song to listen from Otile brown himself is “Malipo”.

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