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“AI music represents the intersection of cutting-edge technology and artistic expression, leveraging algorithms to compose, remix, and generate music autonomously. With its ability to analyze vast datasets and mimic various musical styles, AI music opens new creative avenues, challenging traditional notions of composition and pushing the boundaries of innovation.”

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“Meet Ghostwriter 997, the enigmatic producer behind the groundbreaking AI song ‘Heart on My Sleeve.’ This visionary artist seamlessly blends Drake’s emotive vocals with the ethereal tones of The Weeknd’s AI voice. ‘Heart on My Sleeve’ is a mesmerizing fusion of soulful lyrics, captivating melodies, and cutting-edge technology.”



Explore the rhythmic tapestry of my ai music blog, where Afro beats, Amapiano, and world music converge. Immerse yourself in diverse sounds, discover new beats, artits and many more.

“Drake Ai, the cringiest songs been produced.”

since the idea of artificial intelligence voice came out, the sound has been impersonating great artists which shows how far the Ai producing music scene can go.

This has brought a lot of questions in our heads if Ai can replace artists, and still if it’s a wonderful idea to make it a business venture of having to make money or even profit.