Phina new songs to listen to.

Been in a male dominated space of the music industry, her voice shows that she can stand to be one of the best artists out there. After “Hayaa” doing so well, it has given her confidence to continue producing music.

Phina with no doubt she’s one or the most young talented female artist from Tanzania having to produce songs that captivates her audience on daily basis. In new era of bongo flava, Phina looks to be promising by the show of her consistency in the industry.

Having that she burst in the music scene in 2021, and not having to slowdown she still consistently makes music.

With her talent and love of music below are some of her songs that you should consider adding it to your playlist.

1. Mchina mweusi feat Phina

Nikiachwa kama Nimeacha

“Nikiachwa kama Nimeacha” is a hyped up song from Phina. The energy in the song is entirely on hype especially the kind f dance moves don in the music video makes you feel to dance the song.

The song is entirely on Swahili language. If you aren’t familiar with the language its going to be a bit difficult but at least the sound and the music video will a make you to enjoy the sound more.

If you want hype, this is the song that you should give a try to listen to.

2. Phina – Zinduna


The bass in this song is purely awesome. At least if you put this song on full volume you will appreciate the sound. “Zinduna” happens to be the Melanin queens early releases this year been signed under the labele of Ziiki media.

In this song you will see that Phina has a great talent of having to dance. Her voice in this song also happens to be beautiful. Been that is number two in the list, “Zinduna” should be in your playlist.

3. Phina – smile


Number three on the list is “smile” by Phina. A song that will get your moods up is this one. In the song it has a good mixture of Swahili and English. making those who aren’t familiar with the Swahili language to at least understood the context of the song.

A song that will get you smiling by the end of the day is this one. Whenever you feel low or down add this song to your playlist and you will surely enjoy the sounds and the beautiful voice that she has.

4. Phina ft jux – RARA


Phina isn’t pregnant but surely she delivers. In the song “Rara” is a song that makes fans at least to say that “Inatosha”. The melody in this sound is just amazing. The Melanin queen has brought a lot of unique vibes.

Been that it is a love songs, it is a very sweetable song for coupled to vibe to. If you have someone on mind this song will make you believe that still true love is real. Incas you want to vibe with your lover this is the song highly recommended for you.

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