Rema Namakula new songs.

Rema Namakula is a talented Ugandan artist, song writer and actress. She was born on April 24 th 1991 In a place known as Ntinda a suburb in Kampala. Rema Namakula is very well known for her soulful voice and melodic voice as well as she has the ability to really blend well with different genres of music like R&B, Soul and afrobeats.

She began her music career in 2013 with releasing her first debut single “Oli wange” which at the time of its release it became a major hit all over Uganda which landed her a big fan base. Since her big hits she continued to release songs that ended up been popular such as “siri Muyembe”, “Gutujja” and “clear”.

And till today, Rema Namakula has continued been consitent by the show of her new song “AMPISAAWO” which was released on 24th April of 2023 which at this time it was her birthday.

Ampisaawo by REMA NAMAKULA

“AMPISAAWO” is a popular song Rema Namakula which the song lyrics are in Luganda which evolves a strong theme of love. The song is a very strong dedication to the hustlers and people who are struggling for better days to come.

The song god very impressive impressions on social media like TikTok which made the song to get more eyeballs to her fans. Been that it has been released the song continues to touch the hearts of many. So if you want that motivation in your life listen to “AMPISAAWO” by Rema Namakula.


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