Revision History rat form 4.

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  1. Identify one type of early manuscript which is likely to creation information on history and Government.
  • Stone tablets.
  • clay tablet.
  • Scroll’s.
  • Pachments.

2. Give the developments which were made by homo erectus that improved his way of life.

  • They made better tools.
  • They invented fire.

3. State one similar factor which contributed to the development of early agriculture in Mesopotamia and egypt.

  • Presence of fertile soils.

4. State 2 advantages of using Animal transport.

  • Are cheap to maintain Compared to vehicles.
  • Can be used in an inaccessible areas.

5. Outline two factors which facilitated the spread of iron working technology in Africa during the Ancient times.

  • Spread through warfare.
  • Through trade.

6. Identify two factors of the direct rule as applied by the British in Zimbabwe.

  • lack of well established system of government in Zimbabwe.
  • Past resistance of the people of Zimbabwe.

7. Give the main reason why the European countries formed alliances before the outbreak of the 1st world war.

  • To assist and help each other in case of military attacks on any of their members.

8. State the main reason why countries established diplomatic relations.

  • In order to promote international co-operations understanding among nationd.

9. Identify one economic factors which contributed to the collapse of E.A.C in 1927.

  • Inadequate funds to finance industrial development.
  • Unfavourable trade tariffs.

10. Name the two financial institutions which were established by the united nation after the second world war.

  • The world bank for reconstruction and development.
  • International monetary fund.

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