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60 call for love quotes for you.

Our phones haves contacts of our loved one’s. We call in any time of need. sometimes we check on them to hear how they are doing. Especially family. When at times we are far away from home, we love to hear the voices of people who love us the most.

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50+bible short quotes to boost your faith.

Been a child of God is surrendering yourself to Jesus Christ as your lord and savior. And as Christian’s their is so much we sacrifice our sinful nature’s to pursue that is beyond what the world holds for the pursuit of eternal life and for the entrance of the kingdom of God.

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Hadithi ya mahaba.(story of love.)

Sijui niseme aje, kwamba hii ni ndoto ama tuu ni fikra zangu akilini. Niliota kuwa nilikuwa ndani jijini wa nairobi, watu wakitembea kuenda kivyao hapa nikiwa nimesimama. Sijui sababu langu ya kusimama katika jiji ambapo watuwengi mno na kuwa ukisimama unagongwa, na kupewa macho makali kana kwamba mimi ndo makosa nimefanya.

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70 short quotes in English about love

short quotes in english about love. There’s so much definitions about love because people have different takes and understanding of what it is. As much you value your partner so much, you at least you know how it feels to be around someone who see’s you of value and care about you.

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50 short quotes of holding hands, Instagram,captions and sayings.

Been held by someone his or her hands are some of the most beautiful moments in a persons life. As a sign of two people been in love, it shows alot how couples care for each other. While people hold there hands together as they walk, or sit or wherever the place they are at or a specific function, we have some of the greatest short love quotes that you can even tell it to your dear loved.

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25 quotes about love Kenya +254.

25 quotes about love kenya +254. There are different definitions of love and people understand it many different especially when it comes to companionship. The strong feeling or emotion for a person as if you want to die for him or her who in which you have a romantic relationship with. There are many ways by your own definition you can believe what love is as for me by my definition is different. For all love couples especially my country kenya +254 we have some awesome love quotes that can keep both of you warm and close together.

16 hope love quotes to get you through the day.

16 hope love quotes  to get you through the day.Hope gives us more encouragement to get through our life and love can be a booster in that. If we have both love and hope in ourselves i think it can lead very much to more happier lives that we could ever imagine. As you land on this