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Wajackoya 25 hilarious quotes.

Wajackoya as one of the known professors in Kenya, turn it out to be a very influential politician among the young Kenyan youths, has been lately trending lately. Known by his political party called roots party, which they have a young beautiful contestant, and a good number of supporters, known to be the roots party has been judged differently.

21 latest kenya memes today

21 latest memes in kenya to checkout. Hi and welcome to some more memes which can help to make your day. Some of the memes you are going to see below are some of the most currently shared memes in Whatsapp, twitter and other social media platforms.

15 nairobi quotes on friendship that you can care.

15 nairobi quotes on friendship that you can share.Having a friend is one of the best things you can have. As they say a firnd in need is a friend indeed and therefore is said to be that no man is an island and therefore it is importan to such people in our daily lives. Such people help us in different stages of life. No matter how high or low you feel they

15 nairobi quotes about life.

15 nairobi quotes about life.Theres so much to learn in life especially as a human beign. We grow and learn so much about our environment, the way we live, the kind of lifestyle we have and that awesome questions where human beigns and scientists ask, where didi life can from?. Even though there are answers to that