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50 quotes for bosses appreciation

Having to appreciate your boss means that their is something of great he or she has done something good to you or for you. I get it having a job can be stressful. Especially when you having a bad day plus getting pressured by your boss to get things done.

Plant Growth in Space (NASA, International Space Station)

45 short green quotes

People need the earth, and the fight to go green has been really effective to save the environment. And it is sad to see that people are polluting the environment, and going too far to having to destroy. As an example trees.

An outstanding leader and his team

50 Good quotes on leadership

Good leadership has its own characteristics. Which could be he or she must be confident, listen to people and also ready to admit their mistakes. Their are many essentials needed and characteristics of a good leader. And if you know that, you can at least tell who really a good leader is.

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60 heartbroken pain sad quotes

Love at the start becomes sweet. It seems like the world is doing great. Like the universe was meant for you. You having somebody to love, to share, to be with someone gives you the greatest feeling you ever heard. And in any case if things go wrong you somehow felt you will figure things out.

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60 call for love quotes for you.

Our phones haves contacts of our loved one’s. We call in any time of need. sometimes we check on them to hear how they are doing. Especially family. When at times we are far away from home, we love to hear the voices of people who love us the most.