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40 incredible sayings about life.

40 incredible sayings about life. For a sense of gratitude and to celebrate all the moments that you are encountering in your day to day life. Life is very important, and as much as we are growing and learning, we should really appreciate a lot of things that have impacted us positively no matter how big or small it is.

15 Lee Kuan Yew famous quotes.

15 Lee Kuan Yew famous quotes. Been the prime minister and the nations founding father of Singapore, his been on of the greatest in Singapore’s history and it is the reason it is today been one of the developed high-income country.

21 quotes about change being hard

21 quotes about change being hard. as it sounds good change for the better in your life , it may not be easy to put it into action. And sometimes you may feel like to give up. But there are quotes to give you some motivation to continue to do what you want to do. May it be a goal or something that you want in life.

15 sms za kirafiki.

Life is not about how many friends you have but the quality of the friends you  have.

Here are my special wishes for you tonight: a night full of live, a peaceful sleep, a beautiful dream and a prayer that will come true. Good night.A strong friendship