the 10 best 3T lyrics captions on love

at the high pick of the 90′ there was a very talented trio called the 3T who left their own mark in the music rnb Scene at the time, and up to this day their song still remains to be streamed and played for people who both believe and are in love up to date.

Enter 3T – the Jackson brothers, Tariano, Taryll, and Taj, who were the perfect example of michael jackson’s nephews, their talent and voice in this songs that we are going to witness below are some of the most heart warming songs to listen to.

As we remember their songs, and go ahead to still enjoy to listen to them, below are some of the most captivating captions that come from their songs.

1. Anything

1.So what can I do to prove I need your love
What will it take because I won’t give up
Open your heart and let your feelings show
‘Cause deep down inside my heart just won’t let you go
Girl, I would do anything for you

3T – anything.

2. I need you

2.Well I tried to write a special song
A love song just for you
To explain the way you make me feel inside

3T – I need you

3. why ft michael jackson

3.Why do people fall in love
When they’re always breaking up, oh why

3T – Why

4. stuck on you

4. Needed a friend
And the way I feel now I guess I’ll be with you ’til the end

3T – Anything.

5. 24/7

5.I say could one day maybe
You be my lady
Together we be one

3T – 24/7

6. Tease me

6.I don’t think that I can hold my feelings
Back no more

3T – Tease me

7. Didn’t mean to hurt you

7.Oh I wish I could go back in time
So I could fix up my mistake
Make everything alright

3T – Didn’t mean to heart you

8. Gotta be you

8.True love is not for show

It’s gotta be you

3T – Gotta be you.

9. Give me all your lovin

9.Two hearts that beat as one
Till the end of time 

3T – Give me your lovin’

10. I appreciate.

10.The fact that you believe in me
Girl I appreciate you loving me

3T – Apprecitae.

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