The cheapest calculator less than ksh 1000.

As a student, mostly in school in need of calculators are agent and it sometimes can be stressful when getting them at a very high price especially when it is back to school season. While that happens here is an opportunity for you to get it at a cheaper price not just by a cheaper price only plus with a free geometrical set.

This is the fx-82 ms scientific calculator which is allowed in every Kenyan secondary exam where a calculator can be used.

Normally for this calculator you can use it to do your exams and revision with only ksh 985. If you like to order or purchase one you can kindly check and click here fx-82ms.

Normally Casio has been on of the most celebrated names here in Kenya for offering calculators that are designed to make your life simple in solving complex equations in mathematics and also sciences.

By use of these calculator you can solve questions, statistical and complex mathematical problems in seconds.

So what are the key features well:

  • Casio fx-82ms plus bk display scientific calculations with 249 functions.
  • Large two – line – display.
  • Easy menu navigation statistical calculations.
  • 240 integrated functions.

In the box you will find:

  • Casio fx-82ms 2-line display scientific calculator.

Remember don’t forget that it comes with a free geometrical/mathematical set. Have a nice day hope found this useful.