The cheapest web hosting service in kenya.

The cheapest web hosting service in Kenya. As a blogger or writer there certain things are needed to set up your own blog or website. You have put all the time and passion and you ask yourself which web hosting service should. Most of the known web hosting services have a fair price of $2 to $10 dollars a month , but they vary in their packages and what services they provide.

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For those who are wandering what web hosting is, web hosting is providing help or services to a certain website may it be a Blog, Business, E-commerce site e.t.c.

Back in time when i was trying to set up for my own website , which is this one, I was looking and searching for a web hosting service provider for my website. As a beginner I was not sure if I could register my domain name then again I pay for hosting which to me sounded kind of expensive when it came to my budget.

While I was searching, I came across some of the most known web hosting providers like

  • Bluehost
  • A2 hosting
  • Hostinger.
  • Hostpoa.
  • Site ground.
  • Dreamhost. e.t.c

and many more. All of these are great hosting web service providers but my pocket said otherwise. Remember that am new to blogging and I wanted to spend lower than what other webhosting services were providing. Until one time after all that searching I came across one of the web hosting service providers which am currently using on these website

So what is this cheap webhost that am recommending for you?, well the answer is shujaahost. What is shujaahost, shujaa host is one of the kenyan web hosting provider and also one of the cheapest and also reliable. They have there own slogan which is Good hosting is the foundation of your website, Brand and your business. Don’t Gamble. So don’t gamble.

They have different sets hosting of packages, which are.

Goldkenya shilings600 per year.
SilverKenya shilings999 per year.
PlatinumKenya shilings1999 per year.
Diamondkenya shilings2999 per year.

with only 600 kenya shilings PER YEAR you have already setup your website. They have a good customer service you can chat them up online and even in whatsapp. So what services do they provide, well they provide with sets of services like:

  • sitepad website builder.
  • ssl certificate.
  • Data protection.
  • Firewall.
  • Technical support.
  • Free website migration.

Why shujaahost, shujaa host is promising there clients to provide an innovative environment to help its clients reach their goals, And to make a difference. There reason is because they have unlimited data base, provide max speed limit, Have live chat support for their clients like me (, Have free SSD drives 10X faster than traditional disk drives, easy to customize and stability.

So if you are looking for the cheapest webhosting services in Kenya , likely for a beginner, I suggest for you shujaa host.

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