The pearl Kenyan review by John steinbeck.

The pearl Kenyan review. The pearl is a book written by John steinbeck. He has written various other books but personally this one has been majorly in the Kenyan high school curriculum which is the 844, until the new change came in place which is CBC. And also the change has resulted to the new upcoming of other set books.

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The pearl is a story that talks about a young man, who is a fisherman lives in a village some where in the town of La paz which is located off the shores Gulf of California. His profession been a fisherman shows that him been head of the family, he is the sole provider which is his main responsibility.

His wife Juana also a main character in the story, is Kino’s wife and also a very responsible mother, to a newborn baby Coyotito. Juana and Coyotito are very pride and family to Kino whom they love and adore.

In the story Kino one day finds the pearl of the world. When he found it, he sees as its big luck and immediately he sees a bright future in his family.

In his mind, he pictures himself getting married at the high altar, and that he was married to Juana in a church, and also having to imagine that Coyotito his son sitting at a little desk dressed in a jacket, and he had on a white collar and broad silken tie.

As the news of their luck spread fast in the village. Others try to imagine how they will benefit from the pearl. The doctor, the thieves who want to steal it, to dealers who will bid lower price than intended to buy the pearl. even beggars hoped to benefit.

Unfortunately, the luck of the pearl turned to bring curse in their lives. Kino having to keep the pearl brought more troubles than the blessings or wishes he wanted to get. There house hurt was burned town, for fear of their lives, kino and his wife run away to another town.

But all goes bad, when they run, they get chased by three men which makes Kino to eliminate all three men, in the risk of having to protect Juana and his child Coyotito. But it end bad when all three men eliminated, and accidentally one of the bullets accidentally kills the child. These made in the end that kino had to finally throw back the pearl back to the sea. It shows how the loss of his son was a big lose.


This shows how greed can make someone or people to do anything in power to posses what they want. It can change someone to be an animal. Through kino been an example and also exposes exploitation of how the middlemen tried to buy the pearl at the lowest price. If you want to read this book, go ahead and see read it. To me it has shown how luck can change to be a curse In this story.

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