Tired of been the laughing stock?.Tecno camon 19 is here. It’s time you get one.

There are times you get embraced having a phone full of buttons and some of your family members laugh at you. Especially friends who if they find you with that ” Katululu” of yours, just know you are done. You watch them lively laughing at you and this makes you feel ashamed.

Not only that, you get to miss on the trends that goes on a daily basis. You get to miss on what is trending on tiktok, Facebook, Instargram, Whatsapp and many more. For you to stop been the laughing stock to your friends or even family, it is time for a change. A new phone, not just a phone.

A smartphone that will serve you right. Thats when Tecno camon 19 is here. Tecno camon 19 is the phone for you. Such a phone with family around at least their is respect and no one is ever going to bother dissing you infront of your friends.

Tecno camon 19

Considered to have a very beautiful design and look, you won’t be ashamed. Such look may give you a good sense and belief of what you have is very stylish . Especially the Camon 19 pro seems to look awesome and if you have to walk with such a phone, I mean you do not have to get a cover. Even the good looking flat edges is proof.

It has a broader screen of 6.8 inches which is awesome to watch movies and youtube videos online from your favorite content creators. And also while watching it has higher color gamut for richer fuller colors. Also results to better visibility.

While taking pictures and videos with friends and family, the lens of the phone has RGBW lens to help in enhancing of the brigthness of the image. Even if you are going to use it in the night it is still going to have to bring a very clear image when you take videos and pictures.

And when having to take all these pictures and videos, they need to be stored somewhere. And that somewhere is when the storage comes in. That you do not have to worry much cause it has 128 GB ram + 4GB storage. Utapiga picha mpaka uchoke.

Another cool feature it has, is a finger print sensor which like faster compared to some phones which have finger print sensors. Same as to switching to other apps while using it. This is due to the Helio G85 Octa-Core making the phone to run smoothly. Also a twin camera by the look of it, its cool.

It is also a very powerful phone based in terms of battery usage. 5000 mAh large battery + 18W flash charge. With these after charging your phone, when you use it, at least it will last.

Is tecno camon 19 Dual sim.

Yes the tecno camon 19 has dual sim. Which means you can comfortably use two sim cards at the same time. You don’t have to worry when you have a pair of sim cards to use.

In conclusion.

If you are tired of been the laughing stock in the family. With atleast 20k to 30k in your pocket, get yourself a Tecno Camon 19. Ukikasirika go for the Tecno 19 Pro. This is your chance for you to shine with most stylish phone in the market. It is even Otile brown approved.


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