top 10 Best Insha songs.

An underground name really pops up sometimes in the deep binge listening to some of the indie songs in the internet and suddenly a great name pops up by the name Insha.

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Insha singer.

Insha started playing the piano at nine years old and in her later years she changed to guitars which in this article you will listen and for hear the kind of sound she has put out since her released songs ever since at 14 where she released songs on soundcloud.

also insha happens to be a young talented canadian artist who she can write songs and also make a good unique theme of indie songs on the internet. With over 90k followers on instagram and having to put good authentic music online, her songs are those kind of songs that can get stuck in your head and have a hard guess of who is the real person behind this “bedroom pop”.

having to start from a very young age, below you can listen to her best songs ever released songs on soundcloud and as well listen to some of her songs on spotify.

  1. Fifteeen
  2. she’s watching
  3. i can barely play the ukulele
  4. make believe
  5. everything is blue
  6. nerd rope
  7. i still miss ur black hair.
  8. breaks my heart inside.
  9. i could waste mine
  10. drifting

1. fifteen

Fifteen By Insha.

2. she’s watching

She’s watching – Insha

3. I can barely play the ukulele

i can barely play the ukulele – insha

4. Make believe – Insha

Make believe – insha.

5. Everything is blue – insha

Everything is blue – Insha

6. nerd rope – Insha

Nerd rope – Insha.

7. I still miss ur black hair – Insha

I still miss ur black hair – Insha.

8. breaks my heart inside – Insha

Breaks my heart inside – Insha.

9. U could waste mine – Insha

U could waste mine – Insha

10. Drifting – insha

Drifting – Insha

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