Top 10 Best lil peep songs of all time

Having gained popularity for his unique blend of emo and hip-hop music, often referred to as “emo rap”, The late Lil peep music often explored themes of depression, drug use, and heartbreak. Some of his popular songs include “Awful Things,” “Save That Shit,” and “Benz Truck” are some of his biggest tracks that we know off today.

His music had many resonate with him, relate with him. In a world that has been so cruel and can feeling sometimes unlovable, his songs have become a coping mechanism to his fans all over the world.

Suddenly, Lil Peep struggled with mental health issues and substance abuse, which ultimately contributed to his untimely death from an accidental drug overdose.

His passing had a significant impact on the music industry and also made him end up in of Juice Wrld’s songs “Legends” where he talks about how suddenly young artists die so young at very young and early age.

since his death, Lil Peep’s music has continued to be celebrated, and he is remembered as an influential figure in the modern hip-hop and emo music scenes.

1. Lil peep – Save that shit.

In December 20th 2017 just five days before christmas, “Save that shit” came out one of the best songs ever been produced and also been done By Lil peep together with his team. The song today has accumulated a lot of streams and views making it top in his songs.

The song was Produced by Smokesac and IIVI and the music video was well been done and Directed by Mezzy & Heavy Rayn.

2. Lil peep – Falling Down ft Xxxtentacion.

After the unprecedented death Of XXXTENTACION in the same of 2018, on September of 2018 a song coming from two legends both LIl peep and XXXTENTACION music team came together to put this song and turn it out another best collab of two of the best young artist who suddenly died at a very young age.

The song has many missing the two artists so much. Given that their voices and sound can really blend well together. ” Falling Down” is a song you can listen to over and over again. It can make you even appreciate the rain as it falls down.

3. Lil peep – Benz truck.

Number three is Benz truck By lil peep. The music video was done in Russia which gained him more russian fans in his upcoming. The song was released in the year of 2017 making waves in the internet and also been another big hit success in his career.

The song comes from his debut album Come over when you sober, the song was produced by @Smokeasac and also been directed by the following @getmezzy, @susboy, & @omgimwigs.

4. Lil peep X Lil tracy – witch blades.

Having that Lil tracy were good friends with Lil peep, in this song sounded like Lil tracy and Lil peep were a tag team. The song happens to be kind of a depressing song. But the beats are surely the ones to vibe to.

The song hit very high number with over 100 million views on YouTube. To those who are fans to his song, “Witchblades” is a song that will surely give you goosebumps whenever you will listen to it.

The music video was well edited and well done, been that it is a simple video recording of two people have their own time to make this sound great, it was shot by metro blu.

5. Lil peep ft Lil tracy – Awful things

“Awful things” by lil peep happens to be a very sadistic song that outlines so much when it comes to depression. Then song was well received by his fans and ended to be one of his major hits in his music career.

The song comes from his album “come over when you sober” part one. The music video was released on Aug 18th 2017 having feature his friend in the song LIl tracy.

6. Lil peep – The bright side.

It seems the Album “come over when you’re sober” was album that made never ending hits coming from Lil peep. Another song in his list that did significantly well was “The Brightside”.

with over 100 millions of views on YouTube, the music video features so much on his life at the time of his success getting so much love from his fans and supporters.

Brightside is a good song to listen to. In lonely depressed world, the song “Brightside” makes it to feel like there is light and hope at the same time.

7. Lil peep – 16 lines.

One of the best song that Lil peep ever done in his work is giving us “16 lines”. A song that you can basically listen to at any moods is this one. At first the song was leaked making it best underrated song ever to come from lil peep.

But it seems the official release was way better, and got way more traction, streams and views combined together making it a successful song. “16 lines” has a lot of different meanings to many of his fans and listeners who feel they can relate.

8. Lil peep – Life is Beautiful.

The beauty of this song is that everyone has at least one line that they can relate to. The song originates from the Album “Come over when you’re sober” part and it happens to be a very deep song to many who can relate to the lyrics.

“Life is beautiful” is a song that describes well of what life could be in both sides. It would at times be great and at times be awful. Having the mix of the two been sung in the song touches so much of the listeners who experience life on a daily basis.

9. lil peep – Gym class.

“Gym class” is a very special song from lil peep. The old aesthetics in music video and the sound is very nostalgic especially when you are a lil peep fan. The music video was shot by kill station and was simply done on the roof of the house he was staying at the time.

“Gym class” is a song that is found in the Album “come over when you’re sober” part 1 making it a huge success. The music video itself looks very simple. Having to a mass a lot of views just shows how amazing the song is till today.

10. Lil peep – White wine

One of the most fire songs of all time coming from the Album “castles”. The duo in this went so hard in this song and it seemed that they put all their best efforts together with the producer “nedarb”.

The instrumentals in this song just turns out to be awesome. In song that accumulated so much hype and love, the song can make a fan jump in a particular concert at the time.


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