Top 10 Best lil peep songs of all time

Having gained popularity for his unique blend of emo and hip-hop music, often referred to as “emo rap”, The late Lil peep music was something that happened to be a song that understands young people as whole especially when it comes to depression, drug use, and heartbreak. Some of his popular songs include “Awful Things,” “Save That Shit,” and “Benz Truck” are some of his biggest tracks that we know off today.

His music had many resonate with him, relate with him. In a world that has been so cruel and can feeling sometimes unlovable, his songs have become a coping mechanism to his fans all over the world.

Suddenly, Lil Peep struggled with mental health issues and substance abuse, which ultimately contributed to his untimely death from an accidental drug overdose.

His passing had a significant impact on the music industry and also made him end up in of Juice Wrld’s songs “Legends” where he talks about how suddenly young artists die so young at very young and early age.

since his death, Lil Peep’s music has continued to be celebrated, and he is remembered as one of the best emo rappers ever to exist in that genre.

10 best lil peep songs.

  1. Save that shit
  2. falling down
  3. benz truck
  4. witch blades
  5. awful things
  6. the bright side
  7. 16 lines
  8. life is beautiful
  9. gym class
  10. white wine.

1. Lil peep – Save that shit.

2. Lil peep – Falling Down ft Xxxtentacion.

3. Lil peep – Benz truck.

4. Lil peep X Lil tracy – witch blades.

5. Lil peep ft Lil tracy – Awful things

6. Lil peep – The bright side.

7. Lil peep – 16 lines.

8. Lil peep – Life is Beautiful.

9. lil peep – Gym class.

10. Lil peep – White wine

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