Top 10 Best Musa juma songs.


Their is much importance of how legacy is been built and maintained for years and will still continue impacting many people not only today but also tomorrow of the generations to come. So many men and women have been hailed for their legacy and what they stood for or what they believed in the point they will be remembered for the impact and work they did in society.

And one of them happens to be one of the legends of not only rumba music but also Benga as well. Musa juma was considered a musical genius band leader, guitarist and a very great composer for Ochestra Limpopo International, which by the time got so much international limelight at the time.

His music has aged well ever since he put out his songs with a lot of passion and love to which today it has stacked with many having to continue listen and sings his songs in a world where it is easily swayed by the current trends, forgetting that in our own home country that we had some of the greatest artist we could ever have in History.

Having to put Benga music and mixing it with the Rhumba elements has to become one the best innovative ways that Musa Juma adopted in his artistry to appeal to more audience where by in the old good days of Benga music and also Luo fusion was only regarded rural and played in rural stations which made both genres to be limited.

10 Best Musa juma songs.

  1. Musa juma – Saida.
  2. Musa juma – Fiance.
  3. Musa juma – Siaya kababa.
  4. Musa Juma – Christina.
  5. Musa juma – Bibuta.
  6. Musa juma – Hera mudho.
  7. Musa juma – Osiepe.
  8. Musa juma – Maselina.
  9. Musa juma – Oyoo daktari.
  10. Musa juma – Hera Mwandu.

1. Saida – Musa juma.

Number one on this list of Juma’s best songs is the song “saida”. A song that well profeses about love is this one. The song talks about a beautiful woman by her name Saida who in Musa Juma’s life in this song, was a woman who was upright, understanding and well mannered to the point her actions really showed that she cared about Musa Juma.

In a song that really makes you believe that true love exits, this is the song thaw well tells the beautiful tale of a good woman who became someone special. And due to this he shall never forget her.

2. Fiance – Musa juma.

Another song that well speaks about love is “Fiance” by Musa juma. In this song, it is a very well done song that can make you appreciate about you lover who has taken the time and effort and the love they have for you to stay from thick to thin.

In world whereby love can be critical, having the person that greatly fits and understand you is one of the most beautiful things that you can appreciate. For the Fiance’s out there dedicate this song to your loved one to show that you care and remind them that you still love them.

3. Siaya kababa – Musa juma.

Another good memorable song to listen to is “Siaya Kababa” which land to be number 3 in this list. “Siaya kababa” is an addition of Musa Juma’s love song that has a very nice and enjoying tale that you can attentively listen to.

The song is about a luo woman of the name achi short form for “Achieng” Nyar kisumu, of which she the woman who met her a while back when she was schooling at Maseno. Despite that they have met, Musa Juma pleads with the girl to one day visit her people in Siaya which is a county in western sides of kenya.

4. Musa juma – Christina.

“christina” is another timeless old hit from Musa juma himself. A song that for sure has love and romance in the mix make you want to appreciate much on what love can do. Even though the song has been old, it was launched on the management behind with the family under the official page of Musa Juma’s Youtube channel.

That was on May 23 2022, but still the song is as old and still gold. Still strikes the hearts of many who still want to listen to his beautiful song “christina”.

5. Musa Juma – Bibuta.

Under the great album “Lake Victoria” one the most incredible hits coming from Musa Juma is “Bibuta”. When the song gives it ambience, it talks to you directly, you have no option but to obey and lend a hear to such a rendition. And that song happens to be this one which also happens to be a love songs.

A song like this has touched the hearts of many and it will continue to do so. The song was uploaded on YouTube july 18th 2011 which accumulated more than 1 million views and over.

6. Musa juma – Hera mudho.

Number 6 in the list of the best Musa juma, among his love songs is “Hera mudho” which comes from his album Macelina. This song tends to be very unique and has a very strong message of what true love is meant to be. In the song Musa juma encourages people to love genuinely without looking at the material things like money and wealth.

cause when it comes to wealth and money, if it all goes away tomorrow the question having to stay in the relationship comes. Cause true love isn’t really on materialistic reasons rather having to be there for someone in the good times and also bad times.

7. Musa Juma – Osiepe.

“osiepe” comes to number 7 on the list having making also one of the most memorable songs ever been played by the late Musa Juma himself.

The late Musa Juma made a special devotion to his Muhoroni buddies who supported him in his beginnings. Tom Aringo, the Magero Chief, Andrew Matoka Jakano, Abura Jacky, and the late Keke Kenny wuod Awendo are just a few examples. Musa believed that Muhoroni gave his musical career the much-needed boost. In addition, Musa and his brother Omondi Tonny are portrayed in this song as formidable solo guitarists.

8. Musa juma – Marcelina.

“Marcelina” is another beauutiful song that was ever producedi in one of his album “musa juma greatest hits”. The song has been one of the golden masterpiece that till up today his fans will continue to listen to it.

In this song there something very extra he did to it. And must have had him that he was humble, emotional and peaceful when most of his songs he tries to appreciate someone who became something special in his life.

9. musa Juma – Oyoo Daktari.

“Oyoo Daktari” is a very valuable song that always slap you hard. The song is well considered to be a gem and also a good lesson of having a good and sustainable friendships. This also helps to condemn false and inauthentic friendships.

The elements in this song have shown to be well nostalgic that it can remind you some of the good old times. In this album “Musa juma hits” this song remains to be golden till up to date even though it was uploaded jun 25th 2021 on YouTube.

10. Musa juma – Hera Mwandu.

Under the ochestra limpopo international group, Musa juma been the leading composer made and created a song called “Hera Mwandu”. The song comes from his old gem album Freddy which was a hit song back in the old days.

The song resurfaced online and uploaded on YouTube on September 2, 2020. The song did well with a serious views of over 600 thousand views and more. To remind your self the nostalgia of the good old day, this is the song that you should live to listen to at your own time.

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