Top 10 Best pinchers songs of all time

Emerging onto the musical landscape in the late 1980s, Pinchers has left an indelible mark with his distinctive vocal style and memorable hits.

Delroy Thompson, widely known by his stage name “Pinchers,” stands as an influential figure in the Jamaican reggae and dancehall music scene.


One of his standout tracks, “Agony,” catapulted Pinchers to the forefront of the dancehall genre, showcasing his ability to infuse passion and emotion into his performances. The track’s rhythmic beats and lyrical finesse solidify Pinchers’ reputation as a skilled artist who seamlessly blends traditional reggae elements with the energetic vibes of dancehall.

Another notable contribution to Pinchers’ repertoire is the timeless “Bandelero.” This track not only highlights his vocal prowess but also underscores his knack for crafting songs that resonate across generations. The fusion of infectious rhythms and compelling lyrics in “Bandelero” further cements Pinchers’ status as a key player in the evolution of Jamaican music.

As some of the hit songs he did above, we have more that have made him a start of his own craft back in the good old golden age of dancehall and reggae combined. As his songs still linger in the online space, below are his best songs.

  1. I’m a don
  2. Agony
  3. bandelero
  4. Lift it up again
  5. Hold me
  6. carpenter
  7. enemies
  8. for your eyes only
  9. yagga yoh
  10. Deliver me.

1. I’m A don

I’m a Don by Pinchers

2. Agony

Agony by Pinchers

3. Bandelero

Bandolero by Pinchers

4. Lift it up again

Lift up again by Pinchers

5. Hold me

hold me by pinchers

6. Carpenter

carpenter by pinchers

7. Enemies

Enemies by pinchers

8. for your eyes only

for your eyes only by pinchers

9. yagga yah

Yagga yah – Pinchers

10.deliver me

Deliver me by Pinchers

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