Top 10 cartoon comedian Kenya funny quotes.

Top 10 cartoon comedian Kenya funny quotes. She’s a fast rising comedian on social media. Vanessa akinyi also known as “ cartoon” has been popular getting thousands of views on whatsapp, facebook, instagram and also has a very tremendous Youtube channel.


Known to her trend inani affect has make her a star and popular online especially in kenya.She has been eastimated to have over 150k followers on instagram, been an awesome content creator. Below are top 10 funny cartoon kenyan comedian that you may like.

“ We shall conquer.” – Cartoon comedian.

“ Yani umesema wewe na bidii hampatani.” – Cartoon comedian.

“ Aty mapenzi ya simu sitaweza.” – Cartoon comedian.

“ Coaches don’t play with players.” – Cartoon comedian.

“ Mpaka ukaleta nduthi iniburudishe.” – Cartoon comedian.

“ Gau ngoja hauwezi handle mras solo.” – Cartoon comedian.

“ Hata kama unachoma …. tayari ushachoma.” – Cartoon comedian.

“ We unajua uchungu nini wewe unajua uchungu ya orphan.” – Cartoon comedian.

“ Tusi drink and drive.” – Cartoon comedian.

“ Too much english Too much inani affect inanisuffocate inaninyonga.” – Cartoon comedian.

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