top 10 drake ai songs that will make you cringe.

since the idea of artificial intelligence voice came out, the sound has been impersonating great artists which shows how far the Ai producing music scene can go.

This has brought a lot of questions in our heads if Ai can replace artists, and still if it’s a wonderful idea to make it a business venture of having to make money or even profit.

and because of this, we cannot discount the enormous success of a musician who has dominated the hip-hop landscape for more than ten years.

Furthermore, it’s clear that a prominent trend involving the usage of well-known figures like Drake to lend their voices to AI platforms is emerging as a result of the development of AI technology, gaining visibility, views, and influence on social media platforms.

Such trends have the power to capture your interest, therefore in order to do that, we need to keep an eye out for some of the trendiest songs, lyrics, and sound effects that mimic Drake’s voice. The five AI songs that have been created using Drake’s name and eerily similar voice are listed below.

1. drake – “Taylor made freestyle”

Released: April 20 2024

song: “Taylor made freestyle”

Video description:Drake has released a new freestyle titled ‘Taylor Made’ taking shots at Kendrick Lamar.

2. Drake Ai – Heart on my sleeve

Realeased: september 29 2023

song: heart on my sleeve

Video description: This song would probably 10 M views if they didn’t keep deleting.

3. Drake ai – Hi whitney

Released: april 15 th 2024

song: Hi whitney

Video description: CONFIRMED BY AI DRAKE Drakes latest diss track leak going against Kendrick Lamar leaked by someone in the OVO crew from inside the studio!!!

4. Drake Ai – To kill a butterfly

Released: March 25 2024

song: To kill a Butterfly

Video description: To Kill A Butterfly is back up on Spotify, Apple Music, Ect. link in description

5. Drake Ai – winters cold

Released: april 19 2023

song: winters cold

Video description: It’s just a really good voice mod. A human wrote the song, produced the song, and then used a voice modulation app that happened to used a complicated statistical model trained on Drakes voice

6. drake ai – watch your 6

Released: jul 15 2023

song: watch your 6

Video description: Disclaimer: This is an original song that I created, the lyrics and recordings were done by me and I own the copyright. The voice in this song is my own voice with a filter on it to make it sound similar to other artists. The beat was produced by Cedes

7. drake ai – ride for me

Released: May 3 2023

Song: Ride for me

Video description: Don’t sleep on this unless you want to bury ya ankle biter, live in a hotel for 6 months, and argue with the insurance company about how a AI Drake song caused your house to go up in s because you didn’t wanna deal with the smoke.

8. Drake Ai – throwing shade

Released: may 9 2023

song: Throwing shade

Video description: Drake AI Throwing Shade TikTok Song This is the new extended full release or leak of the AI Drake song called Throwing Shade 2023, if you want to create your own music like this, click the link above.

9. Drake ai – used to

Released: May 2 2023

song : Used to

Video description: Trying to explain why I love the way I get in my feelings , a escape from my overthinking to people is like explaining particle science to a particle .

10. Drake ai – 5 am

Released: may 10 2023

song: 5 am


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