Top 10 Joshua Baraka songs

Having talent In Africa is something very special, and if we dive deeper we come across very talented artists and this time we are eyeing from one guy coming from Uganda By the Name Joshua baraka.

Joshua Baraka is a very young talented artist who broke out with a hit song “Nana” which became a party anthem not only In Uganda but also un East Africa as well making waves all over the place for people to vibe with the song.

Since his Breakout song, it seems he has still the passion and stamina of having to continue making music which After the song “Nana” came out he has made more song tends to need more attention and discovery of his own Artistry.

Below are Joshua Baraka songs that have made it so far to the top 10, and by this i hope many would still like to bump in his songs.

1.”Nana” – Joshua Baraka

Your body would want to dance and break some moves when this Banger comes on. The song “Nana” was a certified Banger party theme song that party lovers would love to here over again and again to make sure they having the best time of their lives.

The song got so much recognition to the point it got collaborations with Joeboy, Bien and King promise. Having a very successful song for Joshua Baraka making this song to be Uno in the list.

2. Omukwano –  Omukwano (Love) ft.Winnie Nwagi 

“Omukwano” is a Luganda word, which is one of the major languages spoken in Uganda. In English, “omukwano” translates to “love” or “affection.” For this song happens to be a very beautiful that expresses the feelings of love and affection for the person you really love.

Having been a really beautiful love song coming from Joshua Baraka, this song comes second in the list.

3. Joshua Baraka – Dreams

“Dreams” is a song that has a sense or a feeling of having to achieve something. As the melody unfolds, Baraka skillfully weaves a narrative of his personal triumphs, highlighting the tenacity and dedication required to turn dreams into reality.

The lyrics paint a vivid picture of the challenges overcome and the sacrifices made on the path to success. For those who are still chasing for their dreams, this is the song to give you the motivation you need.

4. Joshua Baraka – “No lie”

A song that well demonstrates about love and dating is this song. the narrative takes a romantic turn as he recounts the moment he met a captivating girl and decided to take a chance by shooting his shot.

The lyrics beautifully capture the delicate dance of connection and vulnerability as he eventually secures her Snapchat. However, the song takes a poignant twist as the girl expresses reservations, having encountered others with seemingly insincere intentions in the past

But Joshua baraka in this song passionately justifies that he’s not like the others—his love is sincere and enduring.

5. Joshua Baraka x A Pass x Axon  – “oMU”.

True Talent speaks on its own and this is the song well defines that. “OMU” is a song that clearly shows how Joshua baraka knows how to play well with his vocals.

The sound of this song has to be deep having to express on matter to do in searching for love and the pain process of having to go through one.

6. Joshua Baraka – Belinda

The song unfolds like a heartfelt promise, capturing the essence of patience, loyalty, and the belief that true love is worth the wait. In the song he well expresses about a girl named “Belinda” which he expresses well that he shall be waiting on her love.

Joshua Baraka’s soul-stirring melody dedicated to Belinda, he paints a poignant portrait of patient and enduring love. For true love to happen it needs patience cause what’s the rush for?.

7. Joshua baraka – Mama I made it.

In his album “Watershed” there’s a song that well describes about dreams and having to achieve them one day, is this one. The song well plays a good homage to all the parents of having to support their children while they chase their dreams.

A song that will make anyone to go ahead and chase their dreams is this one. Like it said in this song “I wait for the day i say, Mama I made it.”

8. Joshua Baraka – Angel of Mine

Joshua Baraka’s track “Angel of Mine,” featured in his 2022 album “Watershed,” unfolds as a touching exploration of the intersection between love and friendship. The lyrics delicately convey a deep emotional connection with a girl, and despite the explicit acknowledgment of being “friends for life,” the undertone suggests a sentiment that goes beyond mere friendship.

Having been a deeps love song, very melodic and really touches the soul, it really will get you thinking as if you are in a serious relationship with someone. Been deep as it is, a song like this deserves more.

9. Joshua Baraka – Tewekweka

This song unfold like a poetic tribute to a girl named Tiffany, painting a vivid portrait of her resilience, inner strength and the complexities of her emotions. Joshua Baraka, through his melody that likely resonates with his vocal influences, weaves a tale that celebrates Tiffany’s uniqueness and encourages self-love. Let’s delve into a thematic interpretation.

The song is a encouragement of self love and having to be your self. Just Like “Tiffany” this the type of song that will make any girl love her self.

10. Joshua Baraka – I DO ft BRYAN THE MENSAH.

In the rhythmic cadence of the drill beat, Joshua Baraka and Bryan the Mensah unite in the resonant song “I DO.”assuring steadfast love despite life’s complexities that may hinder overt expressions. “I DO” becomes a testament to resilience.

If anyone feels like their loved have doubts about their relationships, this is the detail sound to remind them that you still love them. Otherwise it won’t be easy letting love sleep away just like that.

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