Top 10 Just a band songs you should know.

Just a band is one of those iconic bands in Kenya that many can remember the hit song “Ha-He” which was known by its skit actor “Makmende” standing out as a tough hero in the video fighting the bad guys.

If you’re here and not familiar with the name, chances are you’re in a very different era.

In 2008 Blinky bill, Dan Muli, Jim Chuchu and Mbathi Masia came together to form their own band called Just a band. At the time the four were studying In Kenyatta University but were thing was common in them is that they had passion and love for music.

“Iwinyo Piny” becomes their first music video which got good recognition and few plays from the underground channels. But the sound which was soo unique at the time still exists today which you are going to see below.

After having some good highs and lows in the music industry, at some point in 2016 they announced that they would break up. But in 2022 they announced that they are back in the scene leaving their fans excited and curious of what will come from them.

Before we get to the new releases they have, here are some of their old gems sounds that they used to have that you should go and check it out.

1. Iwinyo piny.

The first true foray into music was this one. “Iwinyo Piny” which is a luo term meaning “You move the world” is the first song that came from Just the Band itself.

The story behind this song was that it got some rejections from Tv’s airplay due to its unique nature of sound. At the time the music industry was in the hands of very few powerful organization’s unlike today people are fortunate to have many avenues of having to put their talent seen. Like Tiktok.

But luckily, Channel O pick it up and the song finally got Air played. Given this song was the first music video to come out from the Band, This songs ends up been number one in this list.

2. Ha-He

A wave of nostalgia comes mind when this song starts to play. The song “Ha-He” was A big hit when it was released in the mainstream Media air plays.

The music video grew popular due the main face of the video Makmende giving a big name at the time. The character Mackmende gained so much fame to the point it got the attention of the some of the most Biggest media outlets in the world such as CNN.

Mackmende is one of the most successful characters in Kenya which stars in as a hero. The song Ha-He wouldn’t succeed as much if it wasn’t the character Makmende been brought to light in that Music Video.

3. Huff puff

“Huff+puff” is another hit coming from Just a band. This reck when it was released it was one of the best tracks ever to the point it was getting international attention. A good song that had very unique sound at the time.

In the music video, it was produced and been directed by Just a band themselves as a challenge to the the Norwegian documentary “The Big C”.

The song was obviously a success to the point it landed in one of the international fictional drama series sense8 which was featured and premiered on Netflix in the year 2015.

4.Probably for lovers.

A good song that shows love is this one. The music video of the video was well properly done by people from different parts of the world. The video shows of people having to sing along to the song plus having a good time in doing so.

Been released on 2014, the song got played all over the place spreading the good vibes. For those who want to have good time give a listen to probably for lovers by Just the Band.

5. If I could

“If I could” is another great music video from Just the band. The song starts showing the lives of the two different people from how they prepare themselves from morning till evening of how the the day ends.

“If I could” is one of those music video that will make you be curious of what’s going to happen next. Are they going to meet each other?.

In the end we see the common issue here of how people can be shy to make their first move and saying high. The song could give that thought of how many opportunities were passed of asking somebody out or at least have their number to get to know them very well.

“If I could” is a song of silent chaos, just like its music video itself.

6. Winning in life.

A song that has been well constructed is this one. The concept, the lighting, the art and novelty of it all is just incredible. The dance of the two in the video was another good show of what a good life can result to happiness.

To try and go back to appreciate the kind of good music we have like this one, should be well be preserved for the best of the future Kenyan music scene. Been that this is a very unique style of music, it seems having to support such kind of music in future will be a great thing to do.

At your own good time give this gem A listen.

7. Dunia ina mambo.

Coming from one of the legendary shows in Kenya Tahamaki, the theme song “Dunia ina Mambo” was an opening song whenever the showed was aired on television back in the 80s before internet was even a thing.

The original sound of this song comes from one of the most underrated iconic bands in Kenya called The mighty Cavaliers. In the 80s, The mighty Cavaliers were one of the successful crossover Afro rock bands in Kenya at the time. Making a hit such as “Dunia ina mambo” is many the older generation can remember this.

having Just a band sampling this song shows how much they value and respect the old golden songs that were been played during the late Moi’s era of power.

8. Matatizo

A song that well speaks about the Nyayo house is this song. The story and the treatment of people who went through Nyayo are one of the most inhumane stories to ever happen in the history of Kenya.

The music video documents on some of the tortures one had to go through if you were taken to Nyayo house in the 90s of having to stand up against the government.

The song is dedicated in memory of Issa Juma and to all Kenyans who gave their hearts and bodies so their children could live free. A very deep and hypnotic music like this will make you do research on what was happening In history.

9. Usinibore

“Usinibore” which means don’t bore me in English. the music video has a very strong message been that it starts with the girl having to move freely only to find a group of men “police” having to block her way.

At first she’s hesitant, but at last people come out to step up for her. And as it goes a head, you’ll see that the people and the “Police” are soon to embark on a battle.

The song was a presentation of having to build the album 82. Which was a very brilliant move on how to open up a new album at the time. At your own free time give “usinibore” a listen.

10. Hey.

Coming from their album “scratch to Reveal” of 2008, the song “Hey” was well written and performed by Blinky Bill with additional backing vocals with Jim Chuchu.

The music video seems to be very entertaining where puppets having be used as the main characters in this video. The blue puppet who acts the guys is “Boflo” who narrates his love story of having to meet another puppet “betty” and it seems it does go so well for Boflo in this story.

The song is very entertaining and I highly recommend to go ahead and watch the music video. Very entertaining.


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