Top 10 Kenyan female artists to listen to.

Talent without discipline is like an octopus on roller skates. And this by definition will show how much effort artists put in and its never easy to breakthrough in this industry yet alone getting to be consistent.

When it come to the top female artist in Kenya it can change with time as everyday new names pop up to make waves not only on the radio but also on the inter webs. And the list you are going to see below are names that we are at times familiar and also come across to listen and support their work.

Below are Top 10 Kenyan female artists you should know about.

Top 10 kenyan female artists.

  1. Nikita kering.
  2. Nadia mukami.
  3. Karun.
  4. Xeniah manasseh.
  5. Bridget blue.
  6. Ssaru.
  7. Femi one.
  8. Wangechi.
  9. Brandy Maina.
  10. Maandy.

1. Nikita kering.

Nikita Kering started to love doing music since she was young girl. Her gifted voice started to get media attention when she got interviewed on Citizen Tv Kenya where she clearly explained why she has so much love and passion for music.

After all this years, she continued to do what she loves most which is music. Her song “Ex” became the biggest banger of her work that got a lot of attention not only in Kenya but also Africa. She is the ambassador of Spotify Equal Africa program and also got featured in Coke studio Africa together with Khaligraph jones.

Her voice and talent has opened doors for her in which she has worn awards such as Best Soul and R&B Artiste – All Africa Music Awards in 2021 also Best Female Artiste in East Africa – All Africa Music Awards in 2021.

2. Nadia Mukami.

Nadia Mukami stand out to be one of the most admired artists in the country of having to stand out of been not only a musician but her own master of her craft and been the boss of her career. Nadia Mukami started her music journey back then in 2015 and till today she continues to move numbers that many cannot really move.

Having to stay Vigilant in the industry Nadia Mukami has continued to be one of the most relevant artists out there and her success has kept her moving on having that she got to win awards such as ” Female video of the year” by pulse music awards in 2019 and also Zuri awards in the year of 2021.

3. Karun

Karun has very good past when she was known to be in the most known BET nominated group camp mulla which was back the the most popular group in the 2010s. Ever since camp mulla broke up and went separate ways, karun has remained vigilant in the music game.

Her love in the r&b genre, songs like “catch a vibe” and “here with me” has made her stand out and made her have the confidence to continue to make music. Her career made her got featured in the Forbes top 30 under 30 Africa list and got a remarkable award at Cafe Ngoma Awards “R&B artist of the year”.

As she continues to make timeless music, Karun will still remain one of the most outstanding artists in Kenya that we know of.

4. Xeniah Manasseh

Her been a Berklee college alumni where she studied music business, Xenia comes out to be a very unique artists in the Kenyan scene. R&b is where she thrives where her heart pours on love and relationships which a her fans can really relate.

Since Falling apart EP album was a success, her work opened up big doors for her to continue to do music. Especially the song “See me” was a huge hit in 2019 making airwaves everywhere in the country.

As she continues her journey, there so much we shall see from Xeniah manasseh herself.

5. Bridget blue.

Bridget Blue is one of the most talented female artist in Kenya that specializes in the r&b and soul genre. Her talent in music did not just start recently. Her work and talented was been recognized by the Label KaKa Empire which well known to be owned and the rapper King kaka.

This was a time she had a song “Different” which was released in the year 2018 under the Kaka Empire studio. As she has soared in the music scene for sometime her passion has made her come back stringer and better to make good music such as “Kesho” which was a success and also a beautiful song to listen to.

As she continues to make music there’s much more about her talent that makes her stand out and shine.

6. Ssaru.

She has been deemed as the “Queen of Gengetone” where she put her mark in genre where mostly men have dominated the space. Having been a rapper, song writer and singer her energy tends to amaze many who vibe and listen to her song.

Having to start rapping after she finished high school and doing free style raps on the internet, her talent made her go mainstream and serious in the Gengetone game which her success scored a good deal with the Spotify Equal program where its goal was to support female artist and podcasters as well.

7. Femi one.

Under the Kaka empire happens to have one of the most formidable female rapper of all time at that is Femi one. Femi one has stayed relevant in the Kenyan Music scene since the early 2010s. Having the experience and the talent she has Femi one has continued to stay in what she believes in and that is Hip-hop and rap.

Having big hits like “Tippy toe” and “Utawezana” which became an internet sensation on Tiktok, femi ones influence in the industry, she can shock us with more hits later as she continue been relevant. In respect of having been in the industry for so long, femi one still stands out been in the list.

8. Wangechi

Having been featured on CNN Inside Africa her sound and talent started at a very young age and from that point she has continued to pursue her love of rap and also Hip-hop up to this day. It all started when she was in high school which raping became something she really likes and wants to do.

Recently she has be relevant in doing music in which she has been lately working Buruklyn boyz, scar mkadinali where to compare not so long ago she had worked with some of the most people in the music scene like ben pol, Phy, Ice prince and Alikiba.

As she continues to add something new in her work, Wangechi is a sound that still we all need to hear.

9. Brandy maina.

Been an independent artist in Kenya is not a walk in the park. And there’s where brandy Maina comes in wither talented voice and performance in the music scene is just amazing. “Dark skin” is a very powerful song from her of having to learn that it is best to accept the way you are.

Her work tends to be unique, her voice and confidence will make you love her more and it gets better. Brandy Maina been still in the spotlight, she still remains to be top in the list of the best female artist in the country.

10. Maandy.

Having to getting the late rapper Esir, Maandy is a female artist that will surely give you good vibes whenever you come to listen to her. Maandy made a big breakthrough when “sirudi home remix” was out been played in all kind of “sherehe” or “fom” events happened in the country.

Having been in the male dominated space, Maandy wants to keep standing out and make good music that can get attention to the masses. As she try’s her best to remain relevant in the game, Maandy has shown us that she can be a star due to her own craft.

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