Top 10 Mejja old songs.


To see where Mejja has come from to where he is now, we have to see and listen the old days of his uprising when at the time Mejja was under one of the most popular label records in the country Calif records.

Mejja’s rise to fame and success has become the most compelling story, especially for artists who are struggling to break through. In the early days of Genge music at a very young age, Mejja was becoming trendy.

In his songs where he would obviously do what he does best today is to narrate to his fans of stories that you will find very entertaining and which if you watch most of his music videos, you can at least tell.

To see what was behind his success and why he still relevant today, we have to go way back when he started to release music. Here are Mejja’s top oldies that you should check out.

Mejja Old songs.

  1. Landlord
  2. Niko poa
  3. Furahia maisha ( with Alindi)
  4. Jana kuliendaje
  5. Majengo
  6. Quality ka hizo (With Pizo Dizo)
  7. Over my ex
  8. Ni nayo
  9. Raundi hii ( with Maddtrax and Jimwat)
  10. Bongo la Biashara ( Juacali)

1. Landlord.

One of Mejja’s old hits in the game was his song “Landlord”. The song was well produced by the most known reputable producer at the time Clemo and been directed by Charles Luche.

The song having to be on Youtube since 2011 has gained views worth over 4 million making it a major hit on the internet at the time. The song was obviously bigger than 4 million views given that it got way more attention and success by getting air plays from media station.

A very entertaining song that well talks about the circumstances of having to delay payments of your landlord will make you feel that you can really relate with this old jam

2. Niko poa.

In the year 2009 one of the most legendary sounds that brings so much nostalgia is “Niko poa” by Mejja. “Niko poa” is a term meaning am fine when your translate in English.

“Niko poa” is a friendly later song in which mejja writes a letter to one of his friends back home in Nyeri to tell that him been in Nairobi is doing fine and the kind of situations his going through. The song was directed by Clemo and been directed by Charles Luche.

A good song that was also post on YouTube since 2009 the song has gained a good viewership of over 2 million views on youtube.

3. Furahia Maisha

“Furahia Maisha” is a beautiful message having to encourage you to be happy in this life. The song “Furahia maisha” teamed up with a frest talent at the time Alindi who she got featured in the song.

Furahia maisha became a banger club song at the time in 2010 which was produced by clemo and also the music video was directed By charles luch and Luch productions.

Been that the song has been on Youtube, with over 1 million views the song still stands even without YouTube one of the biggest hits in 2010.

4. Jana Kuliendaje

The song that catapulted Mejja into the limelight is the major hit song “Jana Kuliendaje”. The song “jana Kuliendaje” was released under the record label Calif records in the year of 2008 making the Genge genre to explode like crazy.

At the time, in the music video you could clearly see the major changes Mejja looke liked. This song having to be a major hit at the time it showed that it was time Mejja was going to be a serious artist in the game.

5. Majengo

Majengo is an area in Nyeri where Mejja grew up. In this song “Majengo” Mejja says thank you due to the area he grew up that gave him the mind and the many ways to survive in a world whereby it can be so brutal.

Him having to release the song “Majengo” was just a special dedication to show how grateful he is to come from a place where it taught him to survive and also grind for him to be successful.

For those who are having to struggle and hustle day in and day out, “Majengo” is a hustle tune to listen to, to give you the motivation to carry on.

6. Quality ka hizo

Number in the list is “Quality ka hizo”. The song is about the kind of qualities a man is looking from a good woman or the kind of qualities a woman is looking for in man when it comes to finding or searching someone to be in a relationship.

Mejja takes his first turn of having to state the qualities his looking for in a girl. And in the song featuring Pizo Dizo also soon she states the kind of qualities she looks for in a boy.

The song been over 10 years old is one of those old hits of Mejja’s song that were heard back in those golden days. Even though it was a hit, it is a song many can relate to when it comes to the dating scene.

7. Over my ex

“Over my ex” was one of the best acting ever seen from Mejja in the music video. The song is a good narration of how Mejja talks about his toxic relationship with the person he was dating at the time when things didn’t look good but it is very funny when you watch it.

The song “over my ex” was produced by Clemo who sampled the original sound from iz it still all good? (something On your mind) by Yo-Yo featuring Gerald Levert. Another song to listen to on your own time is this one.

And maybe you can compare the two and see which one can you vibe with more.

With over 180 thousand views on YouTube is still a good song to listen to. At your own time you could give this old gem a try. Been that it was posted on 2015 still remains one of those song that you may tend to enjoy.

8. Raundi hii

Another big hit in 2009 was “Raundi hii” with two of the most interesting artist in the game at the time. Maddtrax and Jimwat been in this song was the most fiery collaborations ever have in the music industry.

The song been a hit, it was defining barrier of what Calif records could do better that Ogopa deejays at the time. The pure talent in this song of how Mejja spit his verse was just fire.

9. Bongo la Biashara.

number nine on the list is “Bongo la Biashara”. Been that this sound kind of gives you that kind of San adreas vibe their is alot you can relate to the sound.

Given that the music video was still produced by Luch, at the time you can say he was time traveller having to shoot such videos and edit it precisely without the fast internet and sophisticated software.

Such kind of music videos will remain golden in the future. The amount of work and edits done here shows how producers can be a great asset in the music businness.

10. Mi nayo

“Minayo” is another song from Mejja which doesn’t have much recognition but still it made it’s way to become popular. Surprisingly the song is not under his page but at least we can appreciate the kind of story and talent that it has.

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