Top 10 mordecai ai voice covers

In 2010, one of the biggest cartoon shows of all time was born and created under the American cable television network called “Cn” cartoon network.

Mordecai been one of the main characters in the “Regular show” which was created by j.G quintel has not only be a prominent character ever since its release, but also it shows how his daily life in his story is having one his best friend in the world, Rigby, most of them time at his side.

The kind of diverse adventures they have gone through together with their friends if you watch it, it actually shows there is a lot of fun going on whenever they around.

And having a popular show like “Regular show” and having the AI voice over been made under his voice, of coarse their are Ai enthusiasts who will try and experiment his voice and hop in the new trend and surge of Ai sound/music.

from a great show that can well describe cool friendships, Been the main character that he his, below are some of the top 10 Mordecai Ai voice covers of all time.

  1. MORDETWI – somepony that i used to know
  2. Starboy – Dj Lil young and Ai mordecai and Rigby
  3. Golden hour – Mordecai Ai
  4. When i was your man – Mordecai ai
  5. All of me – Mordecai ai
  6. I’m still standing – Mordecai ai
  7. levitating – Mordecai Ai
  8. Ballin – Mordecai Ai
  9. Get lucky – Modecai, spongebob, peter griffin
  10. Air planes – Mordecai X twilight sparkle Ai cover.

1.MORDETWI – Somepony that i used to know

I don’t know why people like to use “somebody that I used to Know” as a song to be made by Ai voices, but sure enough this came out the best Mordecai’s voice song that have come a cross. Featuring Twilight which instead of saying “somebody” its “somepony”. Also well dedicsted to the MORDETWI fan base.

2. starboy – Dj lil young and Ai Mordecai and Rigby

Comimg from one of the biggest hits of all time by “The Weeknd”, Starboy happens to be one of the best duo friendship coming from Mordecai. When you listen to this, its surely a banger.

3. Golden Hour – Mordecai Ai

“You can’t touch music but music can touch you” and that’s how best this song can be really defined in the way Mordecai used voice in this songs the vocals just happens to be crazy and and also beautiful.

Also this songs happens to be all beautiful song: Golden hour.

4. When i was your man – mordecai

A heart breaking song that could really make you think is Mordecai missing margaret?. The vocals in this songs are crazy and also it come to one of the most beautiful hit songs of all time from Bruno mars – “when i was your man.”

5. all of me – Mordecai

All of me is another lovely song that it’s origin came from John legend, which was a big hit success when the song came out. But in this one, if you listen closely to the Ai it is trying it’s best. Especially in the part where he says “all your perfect imperfections” is strangely poetic.

Been that its such a beautiful song, this a must listen from mordecai’s Ai voice.

6. I’m still standing – Mordecai Ai.

“Im still standing” was an original song written by Elton john and songwriter bernie taurpin. An in this cover its pretty well done By mordecai’s Ai voice which is really impressing. Some say this could be the result of Mordecai’s two previous relationships with Margaret and Cj. And his still standing.

7. Levitating – Mordecai Ai.

“Levitating” is a song that comes from the star herself Dua lipa featuring Dababy. In this song it is truly evident and you can clearly hear how well mordecai’s voice can well blend in with any song. Especially when it is Dua lipa’s song, it is a vibe to listen to.

8. Ballin – Mordecai Ai.

In this song the message is clear in Mordecai’s voice. And that having to coe from rags to riches, he is now balling. Coming from the origianal song “Ballin” by mastard, it really shows that that Mordecai can not only sing but also rap.

9. Get lucky – Mordecai, spongebob, peter griffin

A song that will have you dancing to the Ai voice covers, is this one. In this song is kind of different given that it is not only mordecai that is in this song but also spongebob and peter griffin are featured. Which a song like this will make you have fun at the moment.

10. Airplanes – Mordecai X Twilight sparkle Ai cover

last but not least, Airplanes. which in this song you will hear clearly Mordecai’s ai voice has tried it best to become a rapper. coming from the original song by B.O.B, the song was a big hit song in the early 2010s.

In conclusion

Mordecai can sing.

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