Top 10 of Xeniah manasseh songs

One of the most unique and outstanding musicians whose nationality is Kenyan is Xeniah Manasseh. Xeniah is pretty known well in the the rnb scene and her her voice and talent has captured not only her Kenyan fans as well but also she has gotten attention in the Global music scene and also support.

Her been a Burklee music school alumni, she graduated in 2018 and continued to pursue her music projects as well been termed as an Atlanta based singer making her very different compared to the Kenyan artists that we have in the industry today.

She is a song writer, a magnificient singer and in this article we are gonna dive in some of her best work as an artist so far been that some of them have been a hitmaker in the radio making everyone in their cars love the type of music she has for us.

1. See me – Xenia Mannaseh.

When the falling apart album was released in 2019, Xenia shocked the airwaves with her song “See me” which was a song that really captured our attention and showed what Xenia is really made of. Her been original, “See me” is a very vibey tune and could make you feel obsessed with her sound.

The music video was obviously a fantastic well done which was filmed and edited by KG brian and Cj pixels brought the creative process of this song to look spectacular.

If you like to obsess on something, this is the song to listen to.

2. When it’s over – Xeniah Manasseh.

With a very acoustic sound and vocals in the mix, the piano in this song makes it complete. “When its over” happens to be so gentle, so light and heavy at the same time that it gives the peace of mind that you deserve.

The song happens to be in the Falling apart EP album that was released in the year of 2019 and made a good number of listeners and traction in the internet making it surpass a million plays on spotify making it a success.

The song has a good element of poetry which is very evident when you read out the lyrics. A short but sweet song, “When it’s over” is a masterpiece to listen to.

3. Love hate – Xenia manasseh.

In the unease section of love and relationship, this song talks very well about the experience of having to let go of the person you once loved and shared a lot about each other but it seem sin the end things having been bumpy and also have reach to the point of no return.

In the song Xenia will make you feel relatable in the kind of relationships people are experiencing and have no choice but let go for better things ahead. “Love hate” is a special song that was released on 1 september 2023 and till today it captivates her fans which the live to enjoy her work.

4. Low key – xeniah Manasseh.

Under the label Empawa Africa which its origin is Nigeria, has helped to empower African artist to get more exposure as well to use their talent to the Utmost level. In this Song “Low key” was a song released in the Year 2020 December.

The sound behind “Low key” is kind of special. Been that it is a very soulful song in it some Lo-Fi elements which go well together with the Vocals. Not to forget her writing skills in this song was also amazing having to come together with the label seemed to look as a good idea.

If you want a song that has a title “low key” this is a must listen sound to listen and vibe to.

5. Anticipate – Xeniah Mannaseh ft Karun.

The chemistry between Karun and Xenia just turned out to be amazing in this song. Having them been in the r&b scene for a while, both of them have shown that they can be a good mix when it comes to making good music.

“Anticipate” is a very Vocal song to enjoy and listen to. The song shows of having to reminisce about the old love that you can think about of having to go back and to experience it all over again.

Since upon its release both Karun and Xeniah killed it having to come up with the song “Anticipate”.

6. Niambie – Xeniah Manasseh.

“Niambie” is a Swahili word for “Tell me”. Niambie happens to be a very special song coming from Xenia due to the fact it is a swahili song compared to her recent releases which she pours her heart into her songs of having to use English as her main thing.

The song Niambie was one of her early singles in 2019. A song that deserves more recognition is this one given that so many may not know that she has a song that has so much Swahili in it.

7. Temporary love – Xeniah Manasseh.

“Temporary love” is beautifully well done song. The song got featured in Spotify “Beat school” Whereby she talks about that this song was used for her to audition for the Empawa 30 program which got her in.

The beats and the instruments were well done all together with her Long time friend MOMBRU to make this song sound the way it is today.

“Temporary love” was released in May 2023 which became a success and made her fans appreciate her work and her voice which put her on the East African map.

8. Watu wangu – Xeniah Mannaseh.

“Watu wangu” is a very special song that really connects between her and you who is listening to the song. In the song she engages “You” which in this context you are her fan, that she is grateful of “You” of supporting her and also been there for her to continue do what she loves and that is music.

The song is a very special dedication to her people who she claims are her fans, and in this song she deeply connects with her fans to show that she has come from far to get the point she is now.

A song that well appreciates that show love to fans, is this one. Its a deep song that you can deeply connect with the artist to show that she cares and she doesn’t take it for granted.

9. Waiting – Ukweli And Xenia and manasseh.

The emotive vocals coming from Xenia Manasseh in this song is just amazing. The song is under the Youtube Channel by the Name Ukweli who he is a music producer and visual artist from Nairobi who he has very well made this song sound they way it is.

The song was released in February 2022, and the artwork was pretty well done by Joshua Obaga which you will find the name in the description of the Music video as well as the Animation was done by Cult wife.

10. Found me – Xeniah.

Another song to appreciate from Xenia is “Found me” which is a Number 2 song in her album Falling Apart. The song has elements of trap beats and her voice in the song makes it more spectacular making the listener to be hooked.

The song happens to be one of those songs to listen to when you having a good time to listen to a r&b song with a mixture of trap beats.

Been that it is Number Ten doesn’t mean its the least best, but to show that it is different compared to most of her song that given that her voice in this song was deeper and makes you to focus even much more in her voice.


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