Top 10 sarah k songs to listen to

One of the most talented woman of God in the Gospel industry from Kenya is Dr sarah K. She had immense desire of becoming an artist even though she was shunned in her young age of been Ugly by her house help and been shamed of not having a good voice.

As she went to pray to God to give her a better voice, it gave her courage to still make music. Despite her challenges and having to break even after 18 years of her career, Sarah K’s story are one of the many stories that will inspire you.

In her career in music she has huge successes of having to be be a celebrity Gospel artists due to the hits she made like “nasema asante”, “Hakuna silaha” and “Liseme” and many more of her gospel songs.

An artist who can truly strengthen your faith is Sarah k who by far her songs will guide you to have a good relationship with God. For us to appreciate the talent lets us see below Top 10 of her songs that you can listen to on repeat.

Top 10 Sarah K songs list.

  1. Usiyeshindwa
  2. Liseme
  3. Mnyunyizi wangu
  4. Hakuna silaha
  5. Nina sababu ya kukuabudu
  6. Nasema
  7. Hakika Mungu
  8. Niinue
  9. Mindi ona Mindi
  10. Unaitwa Jehovah

1. Usiyeshindwa.

“Usiyeshindwa” basically means “who never fails”. The song is about praising God of been the one who never fails. It is an uplifting and inspiring track that touches the souls of many who are encouraged to never give up.

Been that is an old song is still believed to be in the memory of many people whose lives was going to church on Saturdays or even Sundays. The song features Sarah k’s powerful vocals and catchy beats.

2. Liseme

The song “Liseme” has been inspired by the bible verse of Jeremiah 32:27 which was released in the early years of 2010 until it got uploaded in the year of 2015 which has gained till to date of a good of impressive views of over 7 million views.

Also, this song has a beautiful melody and features of Sarah K’s emotive vocals. The song lyrics shows on how everything through God is possible which also spreads a message of love and kindness which easily resonates with her fans.

3. Mnyunyizi wangu

Another song that professes love to God is this one. “Mnyunyizi wangu” is one of her old gems that used to be popular in the years of 2010s. The song became a big hit having that it was uploaded on YouTube in 2015 till today has over 13 million views is just incredible.

This song is a beautiful worship song that show cases Sarah K’s deliverance of powerful and emotive performance.

4. Hakuna silaha

This song was inspired by the bible verse ISIAH 54:17 which concludes that “No weapon formed against you shall prosper, And every tongue which rises against you in judgment You shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, And their righteousness is from Me,” Says the Lord.”

The entire verse of ISIAH 54:17 is the real meaning behind this song. The soulful voice of Sarah K in this song made the song to sound so incredible. This is the song that will surely make you trust in the Lord’s protection and having faith in him.

5. Nina sababu ya kukuabudu

“Nina Sababu” means “I have a reason”. In full in the chorus of the song says that I have a reason to worship you. The song was released in the Year of 2008 which was purely recorded in the pure heart of glorifying God and thanking him for what he has done in your life.

With a sound which has a catchy and Upbeat tempo and features of Sarah K’s signature sound. It still a sound that touches many hearts that have longed and hungered for Gods blessings. Been a good worship song it surely will put you in a Trance.

6. Nasema Asante

In 2004 the song “Nasema Asante” was released which means “I say thank You” which is a special gratitude to God for all he has done for us. The melody of the sound is soothing together having accompanied by a gentle acoustic guitar which creates a peaceful and contemplative atmosphere.

The song is a great reminder of the importance of thanksgiving and also Gratitude. The song has a message that a sense of hope and peace in which resonates with people of all walks of life. A song to seriously recommend to you is this one.

7. Hakika Mungu

“Hakika mungu ni mwema” which is translated in English by saying “God is good.” “Hakika Mungu ni mwema was released in the Year 2005 under the Album pressing on, which touched the good hearts of many at the time.

It is a happy good vibe worship song which bring glad heart to the believer. “Hakika Mungu ni mwema” is a song that encourages us to trust in God and always remember all the goodness he has done to us.

8. Niinue

A song that will help you and guide you in your times of prayer is “Niinue”. “Niinue” was a song that was released in the year 2010 under the Album Liseme. When translated into English the title of the song basically means “Lift me up”.

in the song Sarah K pray to God to kindly uplift her despite the challenges she faces. The message behind “Niinue” is powerful and shows the true evidence of faith as it is mentioned in the song “kwa Imani”.

A song to uplift your spirit your soul is this one. At your own precious time listen to “Niinue” by Sarah K.

9. Mindi Ona Mindi

“Mindi ona Mindi” is a Gikuyu word for “Forever and ever”. The song has obviously a catchy tune that is contemplated by Sarah k’s voice and energy. The lyrics of this song is very infectious which will easily make you to see along.

Whether you are dancing along with the beat or simply enjoying the uplifting message of the song, “Mindi Ona Mindi” is a great way to brighten your day and lift your spirits.

10. Unaitwa jehovah

“Unaitwa Jehovah” which in English means “You are called Jehovah” is another beautiful song coming from Sarah K. Her voice and sound really draws a listener to a place of worship and surrender.

The lyrics of the are an affirmation of faith in the strength and love of God, as well as an expression of thanks for everything He has accomplished. The moving and uplifted hymn “Unaitwa Jehovah” serves as a reminder of the greatness of God and the value of worship in our lives.

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