Top 10 TheLuchi songs.

When it comes to music most artists love to sell their face in the game and the admiration they get from their fans are huge. At this point in time You yourself become a brand that many would love to work and do deals with.

But not all of us would want to get that fame or glamour by selling our image the masses. Some artists would love to hide their faces and would rather have their music and sound become an impact in the music.

Big Musicians like Daft punk, have set the pace and the idea that it possibe to do as such. That’s why In Kenya we have a unique artists that comes in the scene giving the good music and rather have it done faceless. That’s where TheLuchi come in.

TheLuchi is one of the most talented artists in Kenya that deserves more attention and support, than he has already. TheLuchi got in the music scene when the world was in a lockdown in 2020 and felt he needed to add his unique talent in the scene.


TheLuchi has collaborated with many artists in the industry such as Mejja, Dj Lyta, Dmore, Maandy, Manzele, Brandy Maina, Savara, Collo blue, Kendi Q, Krisbaby and many more to come.

His style and work in music is very unique compared to other artists who we see them on a daily basis by their facial features, but to TheLuchi he brings something different in the game. Even though we love to see our artists how they look like, what matters more is the music they produce and the kind of impact it has for us all.

Top 10 TheLuchi songs.

  1. TheLuchi Ft Brandy Maina – Haiya.
  2. TheLuchi- Rivas.
  3. TheLuchi – Run.
  4. TheLuchi – Rivas(Remix)
  5. TheLuchi – Madoido.
  6. TheLuchi – Step song.
  7. TheLuchi – Blanda.
  8. TheLUchi Ft Lubise – UUh
  9. TheLuchi Ft savara – Wikendi.
  10. The Luchi – Rumabakata ya Ft Collo blue, Kendi Q, Krisbaby.

1. TheLuchi Ft Brandy Maina – Haiya.

2. TheLuchi – Rivas.

3. TheLuchi – Rivas (Remix)

4. TheLuchi – Madoido

5. TheLuchi – Step song.

6. TheLuchi – Blanda

7. TheLuchi Ft Lubise – UUh.

8. TheLuchi ft savara – Wikendi.

9. TheLuchi – Rumbakata ya Ft collo blue, Kendia,Krisbaby.

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