Top 10 Vinka songs to vybe to.

Vinka is one of the most talented female artists from Uganda who she manages to stay on top of the the music charts. She began her career as a dancer and sooner transitioned to become a musician especially in the year of 2017.

Vinka got international exposure for her featured song with a Romanian singer Inna which became a hit and also got her more recognition of becoming a serious artist in the industry. And before and after that she has her own singles as well which already got her into the spotlight like “Overdose” and “chips na Ketchup” which we may see them below.

Even though she has faced challenges like Cyber bullying and some personal issues, Vinka has continued to be strong of having so much support from her true fans who want to see her succeed in her career.

Due to her talent and work hard, she hs been one of those successful musicians that we see today. And for that we are going to list 10 of her best songs that gave her the spot and the light to shine of becoming Uganda’s finest singer.

Top 10 Vinka songs

You can listen with the full playlist below with all 10 Vinka songs to vibe to on YouTube.

  1. Bebe
  2. Thank God
  3. Amaaso
  4. Love Panic
  5. Mapozi
  6. Only for You (featuring Yung6ix)
  7. Yo Body
  8. By the Way (Sony)
  9. Koona (Oluyimba Lw’omwaka)
  10. Chips Na Ketchup

1. Bebe with Inna

“Bebe” is a hitmaker song that brought a good chemistry of Vinna an INNA to be fantastic. The song was released on 2020 which is fusion Afro pop song and Dance hall music with Lyrics been in Luganda and also in english.

The title “Bebe” is a very good term in Luganda which comes to a similar meaning of “Baby” or “Darling”. The song clearly revolves about love and relationship expressing it to their lovely partners.

2. Thank God

“Thank God” is very heartfelt and uplifting track to listen to. The song was released in 2019 and is a gospel song that expresses gratitude on God’s blessings and the things he has done to make her achieve her dreams.

Been that it is a good gospel, it is a good song that a Christian can listen to especially on Sundays when they are heading to church or anywhere in general.

3. Amaaso

“Amaaso” is a romantic song that expresses the feelings of a person who is truly deep in love with someone. Having to be translated in English “Eyes” it tell how someone can see on their angle of how beautiful love can be.

Been released in 2018, the song is a powerful testimony to what the power of love and the kind of emotional impact it can bring. For your loved ones you can recommend this songs to them.

4. Love panic

“Love Panic” is a song that got a big back ground support from Sony music entertainment Africa which shows a great step for Vinka of becoming a serious artist. The song was released in 2020 which starts very well with a melodic beat and sound that will live listeners dancing to the tune.

The lyrics explains the kind of rush of emotions a person feel when they are in a new kind of Relationships. A song that is both fun and relatable is “Love Panic” by Vinka which you could give it a listen at your own free time.

5. Mapozi

“Mapozi” is a popular Afro beats songs coming from Vinka herself which was released in the year of 2018 which ended up been a major hit in the Ugandan Music landscape. “Mapozi” which basically translated in English means “positions” is a song that talks about exploring different sexual positions with their partners.

The catchy chorus of the song makes it a dancing anthem and a song which you can really vibe well at your very free time. The song is a fun and lighthearted celebration of sexuality and intimacy between consenting adults.

6. Only for you ft Yung6ix

“Only for you” is a song that was released in 2019 featuring Yung6ix in the song. “only for you” is another Catchy song and romantic music which expresses the feeling of love and desire to someone that you love.

A song that was put under the award winning record label Swangz Avenue shows some of her big early breaks in the industry.

7. Yo Body

“Yo Body” is an Afro pop track hat can really capture the attention of the listeners especially when you watch the Visuals of the music video. The song has very infectious sounds that can makes the song chilled.

The vybe of the song is very flirtatious and playful which is a song that expresses how the girl feels about the kind of love she has for the Guy. In your free time you could give a try to listen to this jam.

8. By the way

“By the Way” is a catchy song that talks about a woman who is very unapologetic about her love for her man And the way she feels about him. The song was released in 2019 and got some major support from the record label Sony Music entertainment Africa.

“By the way” is a song that really encourages on the joy of having to fall in love and encourage listerners to express their feelings and joy they feel within when love happens to them.

9. Koona

“Koona” at the tome of release it was considered one of the most Hottest music videos in Ugandan charts in 2019. The song was produced by Daddy Andre making it a good Dance hall that fans could dance to.

The music video was well done by Marvin musoke plus the dancer who auditioned for this song made it to come out perfect they it is. In your own free time let “Koona” release some of your stresses in mind.

10. Chips na Kuku

“Chips na Ketchup” that feature her friends having fun and dancing while enjoying to eat “French fries and Ketchup” is a good vibe song to listen to. The feel good energy coming from the music video is a evident show on why the Title of the song is “Chips na Ketchup”.

Having been an underrated song, it deserves more views than it has today. If you feel good and you want to enjoy, give this song a try.

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