top 10 xxxtentacion ai voice songs to give it a try to listen

Breaking onto the scene in the SoundCloud era, XXXTentacion quickly rose to fame with his awesome blend of hip-hop, punk, and R&B, defying traditional genre boundaries with tracks like “Look at Me!” and “Sad!”. His debut album, “17,” showcased his introspective storytelling and vulnerability, earning both critical acclaim and a very dedicated fanbase.

XXXTentacion was a divisive character known for his controversial history and outspoken behaviour, but his influence went far beyond just his music. XXXTentacion stayed completely real in the face of criticism and legal issues, utilising his platform to promote social change and mental health awareness.

having been one of the greatest artists when it comes to music, suddenly Xxxtentacion life was cut short in 2018 shocking the world together with the music community all over the world.

Through his music he left a great mark of legacy to a point where still up to date his music is still be listened and aslo been streamed online for the masses to listen

As Ai had kept up with his voice below are some of the best Ai songs from xxxtentacion.

1. xxxtentacion – got me good ft juice wrld

Released: Dec 15 th 2023

name of the song: Got me good

Video description: The power of AI is very terrifying such a masterpiece

2. xxxtentacion ai – Romantic homicide cover

Released: may 1st 2023

name of the song: Romantic homicide

Video description: His voice will always be remembered while his soul and body is gone

3. xxxtentacion ai – prince of egypt ft juice wrld ai

Released: january 22 2024

name of the song: prince of egypt.

video description:Bro got that roblox abs

4. Xxxtentacion ai – froze ft juice wrld

Released: jan 22 2024

Name of the song: froze

video description: can’t stop listening to this. I love you Juice and Xtentancion…

5. xxxtentacion ai – slow dancing in the dark cover

Released: july 8 2023

name of the song: slow dancing the dark

Video description: it’s been awhile since a song has made me feel something inside that I can’t express without it. I love this song

6. xxxtentacion Ai – xo tour life

Released: april 18th 2023

name of the song: Xo tour life

Video description: This song is fanmade with no intentions of making any sort of profit. We made this song over quarantine and randomly decided to AI it and post it for fun. In no way is this meant to take away anything from XXXTentacion’s legacy. Thank you for reading.

7. xxxtentacion ai – 7 years ft juice wrld ai

released: april 13th 2023

name of the song: 7 years

Video description: This actually hits different thinking about how young they were and how they are talking about their future kinda makes it sad as hell.

8. Xxxtentacion ai – past lives

Released: april 30 2023

name of the song: Past lives cover

Video description: AI is great, amazing, and scary.

9. xxxtentacion ai – lonely

released: april 6 2023

Name of the song: Lonely cover

Video description:Song: Lonely Interprets & mixers: Justin Bieber & Benny Blanco Released: 2021 Genre: Pop

10. xxxtentacion ai – golden hour ft juice wrld ai

Released: june 17 th 2023

name of the song: golden hour cover

Video description: it was just two lovers Sittin’ in the car, listening to Blonde Fallin’ for each other Pink and orange skies, feelin’ super childish No Donald Glover Missed call from my mother Like, “Where you at tonight?” Got no alibi

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