Top 10 zabron singers songs.


Zabron singers is entirely not just a group but also a family itself in that setting. Zabron singers group has been one of the most prominent gospel music group that has made big waves in East Africa in making hits such as “Sweetie sweetie.”

The group started very humble of having to struggle recording music and also finding ways in looking for money to head to the studio to make music. Despite the challenges they continued to move on a make nice incredible gospel music that will touch the hearts of the many.

Their success in music drew all of attention to the point they even performed in the inauguration of the Kenyan president Ruto in his inauguration in 2022.

Through the great leadership of Joseph who is the group leader, has pivoted his family to great success to the point where they are now.

As they continue to do Gods work in spreading a message of hope, joy and love, Zabron singers will continue to gives us more of their songs for us to listen.

Top 10 songs of Zabron singers.

  1. Mkono wa bwana – Zabron singers.
  2. Sweetie sweetie – Zabron singers.
  3. Nakutumia wimbo – Zabron singers.
  4. Sikuachi tena – Zabron singers.
  5. Imenigharimu – Zabron singers.
  6. Sio bure – Zabron singers.
  7. Nawapenda – Zabron singers.
  8. Nitaweza – Zabron singers.
  9. Hujanitenga – Zabron singers.
  10. Usiniache – ZAbron singers.

1. Mkono wa bwana – Zabron singers.

Number one in the list that made them super viral at first is “Mkono wa Bwana” which happens to be a very blessing song to many lost and found souls out there. The song is accurately a testimony saying “we have seen, the might hand lord” which in this context show that they have seen the blessing of God from bringing them so far.

A song like this is very encouraging especially if you know and have experienced the blessings of God. From lower to higher places, God truly raises his people to greater heights.

2. Sweeetie Sweetie.

A song that orchestrates well about love is this one. “Sweetie sweetie” is a good vibe wedding songs that clarifies very well on what the next chapter of life, Which is marriage, should be a celebration to see and experience love when that occasion happens.

In the song it is clear that vows are mentioned in the lyrics whereby it shows that two people come as one to embark in their new journey of having to be a husband and wife in one household.

If you have an upcoming wedding, this song must be in your playlist. You will never regret it playing it to the masses.

3. Nakutuma wimbo – zabron singers.

“Nakutuma Wimbo” which is a good swahili word for “Am sending you a song.” The song has very strong message on the gospel of God been a blessing to many and it should be sent to the ones who need them most.

The song can be best way described that it is a song which can be used to take God’s message to the entire world to know. Through songs, we can preach anywhere, anytime and also anyone can get the message of the song despite the different classes we are in as children of God.

4. Sikuachi Tena – Zabron singers.

“Sikuachi tena” if translated well in English is “I am not leaving you”. In the song it glorifies God on what he has done for us and he knows what will happen tomorrow and the plans that he has for us are for the good and not for the bad.

“I am not leaving you” is a word that shows loyalty to God because he his our father. And in this song it well describes how good God is been our life.

We are all nothing without God.

5. Imenigharimu – Zabron singers.

Number 5 on this list is “Imenigharimu” which a good song that praises God on the blessings we receive from him. The song testifies the good deeds that God has done for us in which in the song their is a good saying “Mungu awe mungu” which means “let God be God.”

The song has really done well since upon its release and still continues to bless many people direct and indirect ways. A song that will revive your heart, is this one “imenigharimu.”

6. Sio bure. – Zabron singers.

“Sio bure” Is a Swahili word for “is not a joke” which professes that through Christ we have become what we wanted to become because of him. The song also praises that they have come so far to the point where they are now and it is not a joke.

This happens to be a special song given that it came before there blow up of “sweetie sweetie” and “Mkono wa bwana” given that it was released in 2018. The song shows how consistent they have been to keep their work alive till up to today.

7. Nawapenda – Zabron singers.

“Nawapenda” is a beautiful song that is well dedicated to all our mothers out there who have sacrificed their love and time in raising from the point we were children to the point we grow to become grown ups.

This is a simple song with a very strong message which is I love you Mum.

8. Ntaweza – Zabron singers

“Ntaweza” happens to be a very courageous song that can uplift you. As a human being it normally happens that at times we end up in difficult situations whereby we feel its the end of everything that we find it hard to look for solutions.

At this point if we call God for help we can conquer all the challenges that we are facing on a day to day basis that why the word “Ntaweza” means “I will be able to”.

9. Hujanitenga – Zabron singers.

Human beings are people who can make mistakes and errors. And in bad days they can flee in your life which can make you feel stranded and lost in life. In this song “Hujanitenga” basically means “You haven’t abandoned me”.

Which clearly show that if you are a child of God, God will never leave you or neither forsake you. And in this song shows a true testimony of it. If you feel God has never abandoned you this is the song you have to listen to.

10. Usiniache – Zabron singers.

“Usiniache” is a good praise song coming from Zabron singers. The song is about telling God to remind us all his blessings he has done for us not to forget to the point he leaves us. The word “usiniache” which means “Don’t leave me”, is good song that you can well play it when heading on church either sundays or even saturdays.

The song will make you rethink of what God has done for you and the kind of blessings you have today. As children of God let us not forget what God has done for us.

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