top 4 kendrick lamar ai voice.

Kendrick lamar has been known to be on of the best rappers when i comes to the genre of Hiphop making him one of the biggest artists in the world. With his name been attached to fame and fortunes, it really show us that his status has attracted creators to try and make incredible ai voice of him

Having to see that emergence of Ai music, it is time we come to the realization what artificial intelligence can really do to to make music out of the sounds of one the most considered greatest rap artist in the world to ever happen in the modern age of hip-hop.

And below are some of the top 10 Kenrick lamar Ai voice songs which have done it best to impersonate kendrick lama Ai voice.

1. kendrick lamar ai – freestyle

Released: April 15 th 2024.

song : Free style.

Video description:

All songs uploaded to this channel are done so with permission from the legal rights holders

2. kendrick lamar ai – Jigsaw

Released: April 14 th 2024

song: Jig saw

Video description:Aye top he did it Y’all hear something? He done jumped out the window, Top Bring me my reading glasses, I gotta give my son a talk.

3. kendrick lamar ai – owl humting

Released: Aprl 16 th 2024

song: Owl Hunting

Video description: I am the producer and the artist performing all of the artist on this song and I wrote all the lyrics… AI did not create this song and it will be on Spotify and iTunes soon and it will be only my voice!!!!!!! the video on how I this did will be coming soon… the industry should be worried about ME!! I’m the threat not AI!!!

4. kendrick lamar ai – i wonder

Released: May 2023

song: I wonder

Video description: Fourth track of the biggest project i’ve made so far, enjoy. (Please, don’t reupload my videos to another platforms without giving credits)

In conlusion.

Most of the top two songs came in when the beef between drake and kedrick lamar was anticipated.

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