Top 5 Hildah watiri songs.

She is young and very talented when it comes to music. In each and every day in an industry of underground music there many of which we do not recognize much but it is fine to give them an ear to listen on what they have.

Hildah Watiri is all round creative, singer, song writer and performer who loves to do what she loves most. In the creative scene she has more than just having been in the music scene but also having to be an actor, film enthusiast and producer.

Having that she is creating music and maybe having more for us below are some of the best Hildah Watiri songs that she has ever done or sang to prove to her audience that she could be the next big thing in the industry.

Top 5 Hildah watiri songs.

  1. Hisia – Hidah watiri.
  2. Crush – Hildah Watiri.
  3. Coming home – Hildah Watiri.
  4. Masaa ya saa nane – Hildah watiri.
  5. Wenye wivu – Hildah watiri.

1. Hisia – Hildah watiri.

Number in the list is “Hisia” which is a swahili word for “feelings”. In the debut Ep “Blooming at 22”, the song “Hisia” is a very beautiful song that talks about heartbreak and letting go of the current relationship you were and having that decision to move on.

“Hisia” comes well in number for it has done really well in the album. If feeling that you need to move on from your current relationship with someone, surely this is a song you can really relate to.

2. Crush – Hildah watiri.

At some point in life every person had a crush on someone. Having that in mind at some point some of us have had the courage to go up to our crushes to express some of feelings. Ans their some of us we are shy given that we want to avoid the pain of been rejected.

In the song “crush” is a beautiful that is well articulated to show confession of having to admire someone that you really like. And this song expresses. Have a crush on someone?, give this song a try.

3. Coming home – Hildah watiri.

Have you ever missed someone in your life?. Number three on this list is “Home”. “Home” is a song that talks about wanting to see someone for a very long time been that you have been away from this person.

And “Home” is where our heart is. And this song well expresses that. A song that will get you to miss someone dearly is “Home” by Hildah watiri.

4. Masaa ya Saa nane – Hildah Watiri.

Number 4 on the list is for those who love to party. “Masaa ya saa nane” is a swahili word for “Time for two o’çlock in the afternoon”, which is like another way in the context of this song that it is time to party.

“Masaa ya saa nane” is a good feel dance song and also a goo song to vibe to in good days. If you need a good vibe song this is the one.

5. Wenye wivu – Hildah Watiri.

From the common kenyan phrase “mtaachana tu” the song very well talks about how a good relationship between two couples can really stir up Jealousy and envy from people who could be possibly know you or possibly surround you in your life.

In the words “wenye wivu” shows how people can be jealous. And in all this it is a very courageous song for the people who are in a thriving relationship and do not care on what people say about them.

For the lover birds out there who feel have the pride to not care what people will say bout you, this is the song just for you to listen to.

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