Top 5 Walter Chilambo songs.

Walter Chilambo is an award winning Tanzanian Gospel singer of Bongo star search of 2012 and is one of the most talented artists in the Tanzanian music industry and till up to date keeps pressing on having to release songs in which he loves doing most.

Walter Chilambo

Chilambo started his music career been a secular music artist and later in 2016 he gave his life to christ making him a new born again Christian and started to pursue gospel music which he has been releasing ever since.

His work in the Gospel music scene has become a blessing to many by having to spread and express his love of music and God at the same time to his audience.

In 2020 his audience have increased majorly after only you, sijaona and Unaniona became a hit. From that he has tried as well to blend in other genres of music like RnB, Amapiano and as well as Afrobeats.

Due to this below are some of his best songs to listen to .Been that his very talented it is good to at least know the kind of music he puts out here to showcase and bless his fans with.

1. Only you jesus – Walter chilambo.

“Only you Jesus” by Walter Chilambo is a beautiful gospel Swahili song that really shows how grateful and how thankful he is for having to been blessed and been taken care of by God throughout his life.

The song happens to be a very inspiring song especially to the Christian audience who listen and understand this find it to be a blessing.

Having that the song was a hit success of having to accumulate approximately over 3 million views on YouTube, the song has been an impact to the sole believers of Christ. If you find this song to be of help to you, it is highly recommended to add it in your playlist.

2. Sijaona- Walter Chilambo .

A song that can really capture your heart and purify your soul, is the song “sijaona” by Walter Chilambo. The meaning behind “sijaona” is that he has never seen anyone like “Bwana” which means “God” for the things he does is not comparable to a human being. In “sijaona” is a swahili word meaning “I have never seen”.

“sijaona” was released in the year of 2020 june and became a hit success of having to accumulate over a million views on YouTube. The song sijaona is a song that can get to the heart of a believer of christ.

If you think of having to prepare a praise and worship song in front of your church this could be the song for you. Give it a try and blessings will follow you.

3. Ina tosha – Walter Chilambo ft Ambwene Mwasongwe

“Inatosha” is a Swahili word for “It is enough”. The song is a good sign of how someone is willing to get closer to God to the point you want to just listen to his voice which to a believer is enough.

The song is well featured by Ambwene Mwasongwe, who also describes and narrates the story of Adam of him after eating the apple, was afraid to be called out by God due to going against the rules he was given in the garden of Eden.

The song is a heartwarming Swahili song to sing to. Been that it is simple and relatable the lyrics isn’t that hard to grasp. For to strengthen your faith, put “Inatosha” in your music playlist.

4. Success – Walter Chilambo Ft Jux.

Number 4 in the list is one of the most motivating songs coming from Walter Chilambo. “Success” is an uplifting song that encourages you to never give up and keep pressing on to get to the point you want in life.

“Lazima nifanikiwe” is two words that is very powerful. If in English it well translated to “i must succeed” which will give a person that boost of having to continue to work had and achieve to reach your goals.

The song was well sang and been acted by the featuring artist Jux making the song to sound beautiful and also having a deep message to many who feel like they may want to give up.

For motivational purposes “success” is for you.

5. Asante – Walter Chilambo.

“Asante” is a Swahili word meaning “Thank you.” The Gospel song talks about how grateful he is about what God has done in his life. At the time of it’s release, this song was his first Gospel song which was released in the year 2016 November 9 Th.

Been that he has still been relevant and stayed consistent in years, him having to venture in the Gospel music scene was a big step for him.

Him been grateful for his blessings, the song “Asante” was a success having to approximately gain almost a million views on YouTube.

If you feel that you are grateful to God, this is a song that Is highly recommendable to listen.

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