WANT TO IMPROVE YOURSELF? change and growth is the thing.

Hi guys and guls, today am gonna show you guys quotes that can help you improve yourself.

Words from the one of the best people ever by which it can change our lives.

(😅we have to decide to change, is either one day or day one, Guys😊)

Hmm let’s see the following quotes.


” To improve is to Change,to be perfect is to change often”.

– Winston Churchill-


“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to Change”.

– Stephen Hawking-


“Not everything that is faced can be changed until it is faced”.

– James Baldwin –

4.(this is powerful😎)

” let him that would move the world first move himself “.

– Socrates –

5. Lastly

” Love change, fear staying the same”.

– Maxime Lagac’e. –

Hope you enjoyed😁

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