Xavier wulf 20 lit lyrics of all time.

in today’s music industry, where trends flicker and fade like fleeting shadows, there exists an artist who defies convention and blazes his own trail. Xavier Wulf, the enigmatic wordsmith hailing from the heart of Memphis, stands as a beacon of authenticity in the landscape of underground hip-hop.

by the support of a dedicated fanbase who discovered his early tracks on SoundCloud, sparking a wildfire of curiosity and taking him into the hearts and playlists of listeners worldwide. Today, as he continues to push the boundaries of his craft, Xavier Wulf remains a beacon of creativity and resilience, drawing strength from the unwavering support of his core fans who have stood by his side through every twist and turn of his remarkable career.

Coming from Memphis, Tennessee and still continuing to making what he does doing best which is making music below are some of his most lit lyrics which of course can be used as captions on whatever soicals you have.


20.I wonder if you know how they live in Tokyo (はい)
If you seen it, then you mean it, then you know you have to go

From “Tokyo drift”

19.I burn incense because my brain likes the smell

from “Psycho pass”

18.And none of you haters over me

from “The hollow squad”

17.My energy is for the hustle

from “akina speed star”

16. Only thing I care about is living life the best I could

from “Kid cudi”

17. I can’t ever fall, boy, I run the whole tundra 

from “mobile suit woe”

16. So stay away from me

from “Pedals to the metal (Road heart)

15. Treat your boy like a prince

from “Wulf takanashi”

14. To you hating n***s, I don’t f**k with you, for real You need to get yourself some money and a boo, for real

from “smoke lyrics”

13. All this ice around my neck, got me shivering

from “f**k a swisher”

12. Haters can’t get what they want

from “Tortuga lyrics”

11.You can copy all my style but You can’t copy my unique

from “Pride rock”

10.I turn his bulletproof vest into a cardigan

from “Excuse yee”

9. All these rappers wack Don’t care about features only my own shit

from “whiplash’d”

8. Call me WeatherMan I’m wherever man

from “Weather man”

7. She likes chocolate covered nuts, I’ma call her babe Ruth

from “avalanche”

6. They think I’m Jody Highroller, I don’t gamble with no lames

from “True north”

5. Runnin’ the game like this shit is olympics

from “Chaos castle”

4.  got my chain made by Jotunheimr

from “On the gang”

3. Every time you see me I be with my fleet

from “castle flute”

2. They see me doin’ me and They get so inspirated

from “morning dew”

1.I don’t have the patience nor a Urge to deal with liars

from “Vain village”

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