Yellowman Top 10 songs that became hits.

known for his influential contributions to the reggae and dance hall genre, Yellowman whose real name is winston foster rose to prominence in the 1980s with his unique style that incorporates toasting (a form of rhythmic speech or chanting over a beat) and clever wordplay.

Yellowman early years in his career perfomance

Yellowman is often hailed as the “King of Dancehall” and is recognized for his energetic stage presence and distinctive albino appearance, which he incorporates into his persona. Some of his popular songs include “Zungguzungguguzungguzeng” and “Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt.”

Growing up in the Maxfield Children’s Home and later in the Catholic orphanage Alpha Boys School, institutions known for nurturing musical talent, Yellowman faced societal challenges due to albinism, a condition that was not widely accepted in Jamaica at the time. Despite these obstacles, he found his passion for music and gained attention through competitions, eventually launching his professional career.

Yellowman’s breakthrough in the late 1970s, particularly his success in the Tastee Talent Contest, marked the beginning of his ascent in the music industry. His perseverance and dedication to honing his skills through performances at outdoor sound-system dances, notably with Aces International, laid the foundation for his future success.

Collaborating with producer Henry “Junjo” Lawes in the early 1980s played a crucial role in Yellowman’s rise to prominence. His popularity soared throughout Jamaica, and in 1981, he made history by becoming the first dancehall artist to secure a deal with a major American label, Columbia Records. This landmark achievement not only highlighted Yellowman’s individual success but also marked a significant moment for the recognition of dancehall music on the international stage.

Yellowman’s story is not only a testament to his musical talents but also serves as an example of anyone who faces almost the same challenges as a young musician today can attain such success and also make a breakthrough to follow there dreams.

And due to this below are some of his hits that made yellowman get recognized for what he loves doing best:

  1. sensimilia
  2. still be a lady
  3. Lost mi love
  4. zungguzunguuzunguze
  5. strong me strong
  6. Jamaica nice/take me home country roads
  7. if you should lose me/you’ll lose a good thing
  8. Natty sat upon the rock.
  9. champion
  10. nobody move nobody get hurt

1. sensimilia

Sensimilia by yellowman

2. still be a lady

still be a lady by yellowman

3. Lost mi love

lost mi love by yellowman


zunngguzungguzunnguzeng by yelllowman

5. strong me strong

strong me strong by yellowman

6. Jamaica nice/Take me home country roads

Jamaica nice/take me home country roads by yellowman

7. If you should lose me/you’ll lose a goodthing

if you should lose me/you’ll lose a goodthing

8. Natty sat upon the rock

Natty sat upon the rock by Yellowman

9. champion

Champion by Yellowman

10. Nobody move nobody get hurt

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