21 latest kenya memes today


21 latest memes in kenya to checkout. Hi and welcome to some more memes which can help to make your day. Some of the memes you are going to see below are some of the most currently shared memes in Whatsapp, twitter and other social media platforms.

Most commonly whatsapp is the app which we tend to use to communicate our friends and family, who are the people we love, well sometimes there’s no much to talk and you can use these memes and share it to your Whatsapp for them to see. By these you can really brighten somebodies day. Below are some of the funniest memes to look at.

Nikujie na yoghurt, this is what I mean. Sio tuzo.
Aty unafall in love na dame mkamba then ukimfikiria unashikwa na kiu.
Checking the pockets before laundry.
But promising people fake meetups is addictive. It’s like it runs in my system.
Nangoja 31st Dec I combine all the tears nipige nduru moja waguan.
Mom: ” let me hold your birthday money so you don’t lose it.
Eve was framed?
Anaitwaa waliomba
Uzuri kusota Haina evidence unless uamze kuomba omba.
Stop dating pretty girls if you Gon hide them.
Most men will receive their first flowers at their funeral. Let that sink in.
Apana niambie sahii.
December is family time whoever you see me with is my cousin.
Cheers to us who can stay a whole day in a room alone.
when i know i haven’t wronged you IDC if we NEVER speak again.
You glow different when you give yourself all the love you used to seek from others.
Unaambia makele huezi for the date unaona text “chest telet my namba.”
if suicide ever crosse your mind. Just know I would Rather listen to your story than attend your funeral.
Distance is my new answer. I no longer react, I no longer argue. I simply withdraw.
Kufungua social media and seeing a young person’s photo captioned ” rest easy” is o heartbreaking. Live intentionally and the fullest aki we never know how much time we have left.
Ma Biggest fear is having ugly kidz, like the one reading this post.
Don’t blame us if we believe in God so much! as children we watched our mothers cry To God and miracles happened!.. Fees got paid… Rent got paid.. There was food no matter how hard it got.. mama had only one name on her lip…and it was jesus.
You will always have problems. Learn to enjoy life while solving them.
Kama hujawai skia kicheko yanhu ile original bila edits, wewe hatujuani.
someone needs to save nairobi shawties from the shackles of ice pop.
last night God showed me a sign that I am going to be a proud of a mercedez benz. I am so excited who said miracles don’t exist?
Mimi huwezi nikosea na nikose memes za kukugusa roho.
Petite girls hukuwa fiti ajab. Unakabuyia ice pop na kameshiba.

Girls that loves laughing are special.

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